*weekly player matches* 3soe xbox

Title says it all. Post here if you are interested about anything but I am bad at this game. I was hoping to get better by playing this. Sooo yea.

I am very interested in this, although I work 2nd shift nights. I have 3SO for both systems, and my ID is the same.

Please add me @ rhymesxreasons

Looking to get better with Yang, and Ken.

I’m also interested, I play on 360, and my days off are Tues-Thursday, but Tuesday evening/night I practice with my band.

Anyone else so far?

Right here.
XBL: Raika Roslin
I can play any night(after midnight EST), as well as in the mornings(9AM-noon EST), but on Wednesdays and Fridays I’m available all day. Elena wants to play!

I’m hosting a endless lobby/player match lobby right now send me a message or request if u wanna join. GT: FoRE GoD VII

I’ll be there in about an hour. Keep the party going.

L History L

I’m down. ;D

Shameless plug of thread…

But more people will see it in this forum…

Helpful post setup that the OP came up with, so you can add people in your region to your friend list…

Too many connections where I see green or yellow and here I am thinking the match in going to be straight, and I end up playing someone from switzerland…

I put my region in my XBL profile location section just so I have a better chance…


lets gooooooooo

im in tag is Zaruka with ken right now since i am learning the game but i might mess around with Q, ibuki and oro.

GT: Hector Garfria