Weekly Fight Nights - South Tacoma @ The Other Side Gaming Center

1/18/09 - Due to major venue changes and updates, a new thread was created Here.

I haven’t been to the Other Side in a while (tho I am a legend there in one video game lol). I have been wondering if on Wednesday’s that there are actual MVC3 (soon to be UMVC3) tournaments or not? Been a question on my mind for a while so just wondering.

Ya I am a frequent in the area, I just am having a hard time finding a place to play weekly. I’d love to play with you guys, but I play on PS3 so have a hard time converting from my pad to the XBOX pad. Also, I don’t know how the pricing goes as far as just coming to play around on there. I’ll stop by this up coming Wednesday for sure though to have some fun so look out for me this coming week. So be on your game as I will be jumping a lot on the XBOX pad on accident like I always do when I transfer lol

so is this every wednesday?? if it is will be there next wednesday to play

Yes, every Wednesday.

I don’t know how I feel about paying $5 for an hour, I been places where I paid $5 for a day pass, and dorky’s is free on the same day but there bi-weekly, I’ll think about …

Bumping due to price update.