Weekly FFA Accent Core tourneys - THE COUNT DOWN TO EVO WORLD!

Ok so starting this Saturday we will be throwing weekly tourneys at FFA for AC counting down until Evo world. The last tourney thrown a week ago has a good turn out. Hopefully this one is better. If you need directions to FFA just google “Family Fun Arcade”. The address should pop up.

7:00pm starting time
$5 entry fee
Set on tournament mode
Each credit is $0.50 so for each game each player inserts 1 quarter
Winner must keep previous character, loser can switch
2/3 games of 2/3 rounds.

The setup:

The AC machine is a candy sitdown head to head cabinet with Sanwa sticks and buttons.

Hope to see you guys there.

-Tha Hindu

Anyone going that lives close to San Clemente that I can carpool with? I can ofcourse throw down for some gas money.

i’ll try to make it

dat sux man…

all my saturdays are booked until the 25th, which I guess is the saturday after the last tourney.

I hope u guys hold them again after the big tourney.

7pm starting time is great. Going to try and take some time off work and make the trek up there.

Will be there.

very nice!!!

sexy time

See you all there today.

-Tha Hindu

We had 6 people show up:

Mike Z

So it was canned. We gotta break the 10 person mark if we’re going to do this again. :sad:

At least they have Rumble Fish 2!

Nice turn out on Saturday guys, only 6 of us showed up ergo we didn’t have the tourney. At least casuals are good practice. I am telling you in advance so this should be plenty of time. Hopefully more people show up this coming Saturday.

-Tha Hindu

Bako might take a couple car groups down on saturday… we’ll see

I think it would be best if people would RSVP so we know who’s coming to know if there should be one thrown or not. I will also put up a flyer at FFA.

-Tha Hindu

1st: Ken I
2nd: Hellmonkey
3rd: Mike Z
4th: Render

How many people entered? Anyone besides the usual suspects?

14, and yes. Don’t remember names though.