**WEEK 17** STBL Show questions Thread!

WEEK 17 STBL Show questions Thread!!

Hello everyone… thank you all for watching and making each episode a success.

This week we will be covering RAIN. Tom will not only provide us with full in-depth strategy to play with this character, but also complete information on how to play against him/her. Also, we will have a guest (to be named later) on each show going forward.


The next show will be SUNDAY Sept 11th. We are going to schedule to start at 7pm pacific, 10pm eastern again.

Please post all your questions here! This makes it easier for VULCAN to find to create our re-ordered thread for the show.
**If you need to post a question within 2 hours from the show start time, please put them in the new thread that Vulcan creates each week. If you post in this thread late we more than likely will not see your question.

Thank you all for watching, see you next show!!

Question, whats the easiest way to punish the up kick that rain has? When using Liu Kang, I find that Rain users will spam the up kick and to punish i’m forced to use a flying kick or fireball since the push back (and probably lag) wont allow me to counter with a Kombo.

Also, is it possible to punish his teleport?

SSj4crisis, i know cyrax can do that jump grab (d,b, 3)? to punish his teleport. im sure there is other options, thats just what ive personally witnessed.