**WEEK 11** STBL Show questions Thread!

WEEK 11 STBL Show questions Thread!!

Hello everyone… thank you all for watching and making each episode a success.

Week 11’s show will be next SUNDAY July 17th. We are going to schedule to start at 7pm pacific, 10pm eastern again.

Please post all your questions here! This makes it easier for VULCAN to find to create our re-ordered thread for the show.
**If you need to post a question within 2 hours from the show start time, please put them in the new thread that Vulcan creates each week. If you post in this thread late we more than likely will not see your question.

Week 11, and all future shows will be open to any question about the game or about any character. Please feel free to ask anything from the most basic to the most advanced. WE WILL ANSWER EVERYTHING… unless we have covered the question in depth previously.

Thank you all for watching, see you next show!!

Don’t know if this is a worth while question…

EDIT: Just saw this was already answered, so I guess nevermind to that.

Here’s a different question then. Do you feel it necessary to master Shang Tsung’s morph ability to excel at the character?

And here’s another for the sake of it. If you were to try and learn characters to fully utilize Shang’s morph, top 3, who would they be? Obviously from a tournament and competitive standpoint(online would probably be Scorpion, Scorpion, and Raiden).

People have began to literally mash the shit out of up and down senselessly when blocking. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it except just pray my low or medium hits.

What would you think if NRS actually made the fuzzy blocking require proper timing if they could (eliminating the up and down mashing)? With people just mashing up and down it just feels like less of a “mechanic” or w/e.