Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 3

Xanadu Games Weekly Ranbats

Wednesday Night, 8PM

Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd. St. B
Baltimore, MD

OK guys. New season, new format.

6 Week Season, starting August 25

Payout Every Week


Points will be distributed for placing for the final prize.

Winner of Season 3 gets flown out to Miami for South Florida Challenge 4

As always, stream will be live at Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! on

anyone from philly goes please give me a lift :slight_smile:

dont get bodied in florida this time lud

We’re done if that happens.

This time whoever wins is gonna represent. Let’s do this shit.

I’m in every week, turnin fools into statues!

damn c dub just put that NOTICE out

Yea. . . .gonna be a bit difficult switching up the chars a bit. . .still doin work tho as always.

On notice…



i like it

statues for everybody

I will be a vigilant statue copping the stream

Really wish I could be there but oh well :sad:

No Sessler

Adam Sessler taught me everything I know about fighting games

double elim ?

and whats the earliest we can get there lol

Yes its double elim and show up whenever. Stream seems to be up so it looks like people are just playing casuals.

C dub busted out that kunoichi last week I liked it. Should be at the next one bringing my big guns and hopefully being less free to Blanka and Rog.

Posting this from my phone. Top 2 get venue fee waived into iconz major later this month.1st place gets that and entry into sf4 there as well. We may be having a few guests coming here for this ranbat or this tourney that I should know by tonight.

ok i gotcha. So two from this week or overall ranking?