Wednesday Night Xanbats: Season 2, #4

1 Lud/magneto_x/Boda
2 Steve Harrison/QR/Top Katt
3 HAV/Moroha/BBHood01
4 MagnetoManiac/Sayco/Triple Agent
5 rugi/Dark Child/Koop
5 caliagent/Jaguar/Apostle
7 NinjaCW/Nick/GIMR
7 iNerd/Doc/MuffinMan
9 Umthrfkr/Vivaldi/Hal
9 Mr. Agua/Kappa/Asian Daisy

First off I want to apologize to Omni, Rugal and Press for accidently leaving you guys out of the bracket. It was decided that Omni will be awarded points as if he had made 3.5th place, since it was my error that caused him to be left off.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun tonight. Lots of new stuff. The Draft was amazing, and the teams turned out well. Lots of fun.

I’m a really big fan of the Monster Matches, in which we pull somebody out of the stream to play a Xanbat warrior. I definitely want to continue with that.

Any other ideas for random stuff are always welcome.

Current Standings

  1. Lud 40 pts
  2. MagnetoManiac 34 pts
  3. Steve H 20 pts
  4. Ryder 19 pts
  5. KDZ 19 pts
  6. Eric Kim 16 pts
  7. InfernoOmni 15 pts
  8. HAV 14 pts
  9. NinjaCW 13 pts
  10. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  11. umthrfkr 10 pts
  12. magneto_x 10 pts
  13. Boda 10pts
  14. Hal 8 pts
  15. QR 8 pts
  16. Top Kat 8 pts
  17. Moroha 7 pt
  18. Perfect Sin 6 pts
  19. Dark Child 6 pts
  20. BBHood01 6 pts
  21. DevilJin01 4 pts
  22. SECS 4 pts
  23. HBRD 4 pts
  24. Jaguar 4 pts
  25. Sayco 4 pts
  26. Triple Agent 4pts
  27. Koop 2 pts
  28. Apostle 2 pts
  29. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  30. caliagent 2 pts
  31. skisonic 1 pt
  32. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  33. Air Marshall 1pt
  34. Nick 1 pt
  35. GIMR 1 pt
  36. Doc 1 pt
  37. MuffinMan 1 pt

which lane is the fastest lane?

Lud up ahead, Steve gaining on me…not looking good!

But today is the day I stick with Ryu only. Looks like I had to take some hefty L’s in the Learning process (LoL).

as long as im no longer the only statue

Doesn’t Ryu have a win quote on the lines of “If you step into the ring thinking failure, blah blah,blah.” :lol:

Good shyt everyone indeed. Had fun and good laughs!!

This was a blast. Infinitely better than 2 on 2 since the teams were more even. Looking forward to next week!

Thanks for teaming with me Koop. Sorry to Mags/Hav for letting Steve H live :frowning:

so sorry i couldnt make it to this tournament guys, what we got going on for next week?

Good shyt indeed rugi!!! imma have to break out bison next time.

I’m thinking of returning to Single Match/Single Elim for next week. Thoughts?

Watching the draft pick was probably one of the greatest things I’ve seen on a SF stream hah. I’m lookin forward to goin next week.

Damn it I missed it. But I was with the family so its not a bad trade. But HAV you know when yall did the single elm that was hot. Hopefully I will be there to play in that as well. Plus I am mad I missed Koop, I havent seen this guy in a long time. In fact I only met him once if I remember so it would be good to see him again.


Hey I was that stream monster Honda who got to play at the end of the tourney, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved for letting me get a shot on stream. Thank you Lud, I thought we had a great match, and I will keep watching each week. Awesome stuff guys, Xanadu is dope. I’m in PA but I’d love to come down there and have a go in person sometime.

You were in PA? Damn Xanadu internet is so bad.

Thanks for participating. We definitely appreciate you watching our stream, and being the first Monster Matches competitor.

Monster Matches returning next week!

yeah my connection is usually pretty good, have no idea what happened, promise i wasnt torrenting!

Lookin forward to watchin each week though, reminds me of the fighting game community I used to be a part of back in Queens in the 90s. Lots of fun.

Also, once again… apologies to the stream for Strogg’s Kramer moment. I know he was pissed, but still…

Yeah I was just gonna say, hope that dude in the Evo jersey gets stomped the fuck out on camera at some point… that was completely ridiculous and uncalled for. Of course it wasn’t your fault, although no one doing or saying shit to him after that just came off sad and awkward as hell. Hopefully someone had a talk with him privately though. Either way. Xanbats was dope.

Hold up…I know I started looking at the stream on and off around 10:45 last night. What exactly did Strogg say? And are stream matches just PS3/360 online matches in a private lobby?