Webcam arcade 3s footage issue

Hey alls, I’m actually making this post for a friend whos at work right now

he’s brought his laptop to the arcade and uses the attached webcam to capture matches

here are some test run examples

as you can see the video is a little choppy

wheras you can see in this hyper fighting footage its much more smooth and has no issues

aparently its definatly not a ram issue or somthing like that. so hes thinking maybe its some sort of refresh rate problem or somthing to that extent

anybody have any solutions or ideas to get some real nice speedy 3s footage with this setup?

My guess is the hardware isn’t up to snuff to capture smoothly. Can you give some specs? Most likely hard drive isn’t capable of writing at the necessary bitrate, subsystem isn’t capable of compressing at bitrate/framerate to allow for smooth vidoe, or any other number of hardware-related short-comings. I hear someone talking during the HF matching, saying something about “it won’t be that choppy”. Are you viewing while capturing? If so, cut that out immediately. Free up all resources possible, turn off anti-virus programs, and any other non-essential programs, for that matter.

Its the webcam. Webcam’s don’t capture video extremely smooth because they are not made to. They are made to transfer maybe 5 - 10 frames a second over th internet so manufacturers don’t waste upgrading the video technology when they will just be used in a slow-rate manner. The second limitation is the USB connection, USB is slow compared to other data transfer types.

In all honesty, for a webcam, that video looks good. But for full quality frame rates you have to have a dedicated video camera. You can hook a video camera into a firewire port on the laptop and capture straight onto the laptop.