Weapon of Choice

So, the average SRK member here owns on average more than two sticks.

Just wondering out of the sticks you own, which is your choice for playing on most? At home, or for luggin around to places (tourneys meet ups etc).

Post pics of your beaters and reasoning for why over the other sticks you own.

I own a stock Madcatz TE stick and a Stock SE stick, both for PS3.

I prefer the TE to the SE, but sometimes it’s just too big to lug around, I don’t mind the SE though, it’s less comfortable to use, especially if I have it on my lap and the madcatz buttons/stick arn’t as good as the sanwa parts in the TE but it doesn’t really change my game.


Thanks for posting this. I was meaning to do it myself.

Namco modded with ASCII Optical. It’s the small form factor, six button layout and flat buttons that do it for me. I also very much appreciate the fact that it doesn’t have game specific art on it. The PS1 PCB is great since I primarily play shmups. I use it on the PS2, Xbox1 and 360 with converters.

I also have a TE that is hooked up to various system via project boxes. I wired it up to my NES last week because the dpad was wearing on my thumb. Aside from that I like the HRAPs. I have a EX and EX SE for the 360. I also have some HAPP (iL) sticks as well but they haven’t seen much love recently.

I like alternating so I feel like I’m not collecting the things. If I’m limited to choosing one stick it’s the Namco though.

Those Namco sticks are sick, I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid 'cause there was a picture of one on the back of the Tekken 3 manual and they just looked cool. :rofl:



Not bringing that guy anywhere anytime soon. Seimitsu LS-55 stick, Sanwa snap-ins. Sega Naomicast.

I can’t get over how much I love the LS-55. There’s literally almost zero throw, no wobble, buttery pivot and with it mounted flush to the metal panel, I can finally play on a Jap stick at a decent height.

Big Pounda:


Kind, kind beauty. SFAC stick with some art I had photocopied. Actually a fair bit more roughed up than my sneaky Photoshop sesh, and she actually had ‘Big Pounda’ etched in with a pocket knife when I got it.

P360 (think it the old model, but regardless it works like a dream), Happ comp buttons. Who needs button plugs when you have cool stickers. Lives up to her name.

I have
1- Femme Fetale TE 360
3- Custom All Sanwa 360
1- Custom Sanwa Stick Seimitsu Buttons 360
1- Custom All Happ 360 (But the PCB’s start button is messed up so I use it to play mame in my garage)
1-Custom All Seimitsu-PS2
1- Namco
Until recently I used my all Sanwa custom, now I prefer my custom w/ the Sanwa JLF w/ Seimitsu buttons.

I usually just play with my Dhalsim Stick. When I go online in SF4.


MC Cthulhu + 360 dual modded. It is mostly sanwa execpt for 3 top buttons. I got the rare Sanwa OSBCs.

I have some other sticks for shooters like mybook stick for older systems. And some aluminum sticks that are awesome, but too damn cold in the winter to put on the lap.

Thumbnail of the armory. I got rid of a few only to have replaced them with another.


That’s slick. What are the five buttons assigned to in the back (aside from start/select/home). LT RT? I need to get a quality custom. I would have gotten one from ecknine if he didn’t vanish and I had some cash to burn.

My Dual modded stevetren ebony case w/ sanwa flash. This week I’ll be adding a Custom ebony balltop made by Kaytrim.

I’ve become a really big fan of the TE myself. I clearing out my last (and best) namco and I think I’m going to do a full all-system mod of a TE round 2.

I own:




The dual/Sanwa modded SE (RS switch for PS3) is great for travelling and the TE (with front, back and top plexi’s and the same dual mod as the SE) is my main stick.

I keep the 3-Sticksty (360 only stick) because it holds a special place in my heart, even though I hardly use it.

L1/LB and L2/LT

for a button check I would just set it to default, no fuss no muss. Don’t have to even bother to deactivate PPP KKK being on top. I wire all buttons JIC a random UI thing like rotating a custom character or zooming in on a gallery picture.

This is my main beater, straight all Sanwa buttons JLF (with extra spring mod), cthulu for PS3.

My first stick I ever made! Even with the slight imperfections I still love it.

My go to stick is my modded PS3 SF4 TE stick - gutted then powered by a MC Cthulhu & MadCatz SF4 360 FightPad PCB.
I installed the Neutrik USB & RJ45 jacks into the cord storage compartment as well as a DPDT toggle switch to swap PS3/360 functionality.
7 button Vewlix style art with plexiglass cover without turbo panel cut from tek-innovations/arthong.

My other sticks are: (In order of preference)

  • 2x HRAP2 SA - stock
  • SteveTren Cherrywood w/Sanwa JLF & buttons and Sixaxis+ShinJN’s AXISdapter.
  • Namco Joy Stick modded with Sanwa buttons & a Yellow meshball.
  • Tekken 5 Hori Stick modded with Sanwa JLF & buttons, black acrylic full panel plexi cover. (My Son’s)
  • 2x 15th Anniversary Nubytech sticks with iL Eurosticks and iL/Happ Pushbuttons.
  • Wii TvC FightStick w/Sanwa JLF & buttons.
  • PS3 SF4 FightStick w/Sanwa JLF & buttons.

My most used, due to it’s stability and ease of access to it’s innards.

i got:

1 modded madcatz SE stick for ps3
1 hori tekken 6 wireless stick for ps3
1 stock madcatz SE stick for 360
1 hori fightstick for wii

i mainly play my fighters on my ps3 with the modded SE stick tho i do like the wider distance between the stick and buttons on the hori stick. Thinking about getting an HRAP3 SA soon, but i want to be ABSOLUTLY CERTAIN that it will work for my ps2 games. anyone test one recently with that? and if so how did it work?

I own

HRAP3 Dual Modded
Madcatz TE Dual Modded
QCFGaming case with Happ/IL Cthulhu
2 Sanwa modded FS3s




My main stick is the TE. I just prefer the extra wrist area on the TE vs the HRAP3. I’ve since replaced the TE buttons from the clear Seimitsus to black Sanwas. I just prefer the feel.

My weapon of choice is my dual modded Mayflash. Great portable size, compatible with everything I play and works like a dream. The only downside is that it’s a bit light but that’s nothing a couple rolls of pennies and tape can’t fix.

my weapon of choice: xbox te stick modded with an mc cthulhu board with ps3 support and ps2 support via rj45 jack. i also replaced the original sanwa jlf with an ascii optical.

my other sticks are:

-another te stick that is the same as the one mentioned above but an ls-56 instead of an ascii optical along with an octagonal gate
-hrap se replaced with a ps2 controller, i’m planning on putting on a round gate on my ls-32, purple pearl buttons and a purple bubble ball as soon as my parts arrive
-dual modded ps3 se stick. planning to put in either an ls-33 with modified parts or an ls-55, octagon gate and ps-14 buttons.
-2 dreamcast ascii sticks modified with sanwa jlf and crown buttons. i took out the controller board and added in a ps2 controller in one of them. the other one is on hold atm.

i will post pictures as soon as i’m done with the modding

I have a bunch of sticks now, some purchased, a couple made by me and I haven’t found my main. I suspect it is going to be the one I am using when I finally pull off El Fuerte’s challenge #4 on normal mode. I have been trying with a VSHG, a HRAP V3-SA, a custom seimitsue stick and a custom sanwa stick with no luck. I am going to try it with the namco stick and an adapter too.