We talking that ying yang: The Aoi thread

I saw that there was no Aoi thread created on SRK, so I thought I’d do the honors.

Who is Aoi?

Aoi is your typical bland VF character.   She appears to be some sort of temple maiden (as evidenced by her background in every game), and she fights for her father.  She also has a connection to Akira, but not much of one.  Storyline wise, I'm not quite sure I know anything about her.

What is Aoi’s style?

Aoi style use to be Aikido (famous pracitioner is Steven Segal). I believe it was change to Aiki Jitsu in VF4 and onwards to explain some non-Aikido moves in her moveset. Aikido is basically a counter based martial art in which you use your opponent force against them. With that in mind, Aoi is a more defensive oriented character. However this does not mean you sit back and turtle and wait to react and counter. I does mean that she can use her defensive options once she has sucessfully baited something from the opponent.

In general, from my experience she basically wants to annoy you with her elbows, get an advance and set up a counter hit or she basically wants to reversal you.

Aoi main game is her strike game, but her strike game isn't all that diversified.   While she does have some fast moves like a 12 frame jab and a 14 frame 6+P,P, these basically eitehr setup a bait, or they set up a throw.   Aoi really wants to get situations where she is +9 so she can start with her throw game.

Her throw game is really good. She has two 360 grabs that work in both directions. Both doing 60 damage (her highest damage throw). Keep in mind her front 360 throw only sets up about 40 dmg, but you do get a qcf+K+G followup. From a back 360 you get a free pursuit attack (df+p). So she has potential to do good damage off throws.

She also can follow up her 3,3,6+P+G throw with a ground grab or a pursuit (guranteed).

One of her buffs from previous games is her hit throw 3,3+P, P+G.  This is very easy to time, and now it works on a neutral hit (before it only worked on CH).  It's a good way to punish predictable lows and highs, and it comes out fast (I think 16 frames).    Very sneeky attack.

Aoi has some other moves that leads to combos.    6,6+k leads into small followups (like 2+k,p,p and 2+k,p, 6,4+P+K,P).  She also has 4,3+P+K which leads to a crumple on CH (this moves generates more hitstun than in previous versions on neutral hit).  4,4+P+K which leads to a high crumple and you can followup with a heavy bound (6+K+G) for big damage.

But anyway when you first play, you may start wondering how to get this stuff started.    I personally am learning to lead with jabs, and learning to fuzzy.  While fuzzying is important for EVERYONE, I think it really is useful for Aoi.   You will find yourself using her 2p a lot as well.   For movement I generally cancel her 4,4+P+K to get distance.  While moving in, I typically will move to the side and move forward while blocking.   Generally you either want the range to set up 6,6+P; pp,6+p,p, or ppp, 2+k.    You want moves you can cancel to set up her mixup or force your opponent to hit a button.    When they hit buttons (typically a 5P) do her ying yang stance and get some quick and free damage.

there are tons of leves to this, and with her new cancels, she sets up baits even better. Her new G cancellable followups can be pretty nasty on CH. But she also has a good Sabaki (236+P+K) which cause a stomach crumple on counter hit.

One thing to note, that Aoi can reversal EVERY move in the game. This is not to say you should mash reversals (bad mistake), but you should definitely use them on occassion when you think you’ve got a good read. Aoi is really good about making opponents afraid to press buttons when it’s “their turn” due to her counters and YY stance. Once you have them afraid to attack then start abusing her throw game.

What is Aoi weakness?

Aoi is like a combo dummy in this game. She floats high when she gets hit. She is one of the smallest characters in the game. I think her actual weight is only around 110 pounds, meaning she floats very high when she ges hit. Against people with good juggles like Jacky, Akira, Jeffery, Wolf, Vanssa, etc. this can be a problem.

She also gets rushed down pretty bad.  So you're forced to take some guesses.   She gets very low reward for her risk.  Her reverals aren't that great (they lead to escapable air ground followup).   When she gets read, it can be very painful.   And it's VERY hard not to become predictable with Aoi.  Also Aoi damage is low compared to other characters in this game.    So unless were talking about a wall, she doesn't do loads of damage from her combos. 


Aoi is definitely for more patient players who like swift movemet, and love to play higher yomi. Not recommended for beginners due to her overall gameplan. She is more of a intermediate character, and you need a lot of experience with her before making her work well.

Also this is a brief summary, more indepth info is at virtuafighter.com. They have way better info from true Aoi pros. (trust me I’m a scrub with an opinion and that’s all).

I was bout to make this thread with the title ‘Aoi do you want to be my waifu?’

I can’t find the tutorial explaining aoi on virtua fighter.com

VERY good description of Aoi :slight_smile: I agree with everything you wrote

Branh, I agree with the majority of what you said. However, just some things that should be noted (especially if someone wants to learn Aoi)

Eek. This is needlessly risking a counterhit and the distance isn’t that good. It’s a nice flash move but offers nothing that a crouch-dash backwards doesn’t (except the threat of a non-cancelled 4,4+P+K stopping someone chasing her but that rarely happens).

PP6+PP is -13 (the final hit) which means she’s punishable

PPP2+K is okay but only if you cancel the sweep into Tenchi and then go into a Tenchi mix-up depending on what the opponent does - otherwise it’s massively punishable

One thing you should mention is that TE can be buffered into reversals, which is important as there’s no reason not to get into that habit, even if it’s just neutral throw.

Also, no-one should ever be following up reversals with air pounce. No-one should be doing air pounce period. Her reversals either lead to light down strikes or ground throw attempts (ie: her low punch reversal)


The main thing you didn’t mention though, and the most important move Aoi has by a long distance, is 43+P. This is the ‘push’ move that Aoi does. It executes in 13 frames (only one slower than a jab!), hits mid and staggers. It’s by far the best defensive move she has, even if it’s not the flashiest. It also recovers fast enough than Aoi is mostly safe if the opponent evades.

Her elbow leaves her neutral (if I remember right), executes in 14 frames (slower than push) and the follow-up is high, so it can be ducked. Even if you guard cancel the follow-up elbow into knee, it can still be interrupted with 2P and maybe other stuff too. So that 43+P ‘push’ is her most important mid.

Also very important for her:

  • 66+P, as you mentioned
  • 33+P for the hit throw, as you mentioned, although it’s -13 on block
  • 6K. Leads to Tenchi stance, combo on counter hit, can be followed up with a P that can be delayed and gives nice advantage on hit.
  • 64+P. Sabakis low punch. Not a move I use myself but players struggling with low punch spam can use this.

I disagree! All her Tenchi mix-ups and guard cancels make it easy to keep mixing it up and keep things fresh and hard for your opponents to figure out. That’s what makes Aoi so fun to play :slight_smile:

Sorry if this sounds picky, the main reason I was posting was so new Aoi players know how good her push move is and don’t overlook it!

thanks for the post mikee, some of the wording in the original op sounded a bit like ‘‘don’t try with her, you already lose’’

Well I’m no expert. I also worked something wrong. I mean a ground throw followup from her reversal, not air pounce. Anyway that is a good writeup. I also forgot to mention 43+p. I don’t use the move much, but I do know how good it is. Anyway I may edit the original post with a lot if stuff you mentioned if you don’t mind

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What are Aoi’s best 10 moves?

I thought about this pretty hard before answering. Hope my answer isn’t too late:

6P -14 frames, hits mid.
43P+K -13 frame mid, staggers on CH
64P+K, P - Nice 15 frame move, has a lot of versatility, good for ending combos, good for starting wall combs. Good for stagger followups. A bit trick to use for me since it overlaps with 4P+K, and I get an annoying high reversal. Also you can G cancel it into a knee to make it safe (-4)
66P+K - really fast move, juggles on counter hit. Great for good damage
336P+K,P - Good move for countering highs. Combos on counter hit. comes out really fast.
33P+K - a pretty fast launcher, great for punishing whiffs
2K+G - standard sweep, but it’s really Aoi few goto lows. The fact that you can G cancel it to make it safe or cancel in into ying yang stance make it useful.
44P+K - Not very safe, but awesome “read” move. If you know you’ve lured your opponent in, this is a great way to get a full crumple. Unfortunately AOI damage options aren’t the greatest from this move
3K+G - I LOVVVEEE this move for whiff punishment. I wonder why more Aois don’t use it. Is there anything wrong with this move? Its so fast, and such a good mid range poking and whiff punishment tool. Also it works great in wall combos.
Ying Yang and all of it’s followups. Just find less obvious ways to go into it. Its so great for evasion, and now you can punish people who try to chase you down in this stance. Great for breaking momentum. Great for “breakin the rules”. Great for stealing turns. Don’t abuse it, but use it! use it! use it!

It’s not too late. Thanks. I will try these moves and try to incorporate them in my play.

I noticed they also added a top 10 moves in VFDC


The vfdc thread should give you a good idea of moves to use, since Aoi def needs more than just ten to be used properly lol.

Also, wall combo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyisa6a1H0E#t=2m25s

Oohana’s good to watch in general though.

What’s that wall combo? the youtube comments leave me confused.

66P, 43P+K, 2KP, 6K+G, 3P+KP, P, P+K, 66P+KP, 3K.

Nice, thanks. (It does 115 damage).

Ok guys, I think I’m throwing in the towel on Aoi. I know she’s a good character (I’ve been using her since VF4:Evo). But I think I have to call it a day with her. When I start fighting higher ranked opponents, I feel I’m working too damn hard to do damage with her. I was a Guile main in AE for 4 years (since vanilla), and he’s the same way. Only dealing little bits and pieces of damage and annoying people. But I can do it again with another character in another game. Especially when you have characters like Wolf and Akuma who do dumb shit and get rewarded with retarded damage. Jeff has always been my secondary, but I think I’m going full time with him. At least he does good damage, and has a range game. Both attributes suit my style really well. I know this thread isn’t frequented often, and Aoi is always my girl, but I’ve had it. I feel Jeff heavy weight status, mixed with his damage, his delayed strings, his easy combos, and his punishment is way better for me in the long run. I may run Aoi as a secondary at this point, but that’s it. To you guys sticking with Aoi, keep up the good fight.

Can’t get the 3P+KP to combo into P after. If i just leave it out it does around 110 dmg, is easier and more consistent. The 3K at the end might be char specific, I couldn’t hit it on wolf so it does 106 dmg. Doesn’t work on Taka (probably obvious).
66P, 43P+K, 2KP, 6K+G, P, P+K, 66P+KP, [3K].

The combo Dully gave you only work on lightweights. Against middle weights you’re better off skipping the p, pk small bound and just going into 66pk,p. If you’re early you can tact a df.p on the ground which is guaranteed, which is good for for about 111 or so. That’s about as high as you’re going to get with Aoi if you want consistent combos not based on weight class.

I couldn’t hit the P after 3P+KP even on blaze. I tried off axis (to the left) too, but it wouldn’t connect.
I tried the easy version on wolf though to make sure it hits on the heavyweights.

Right now i’m using universal stuff mostly, but sometimes i manage to remember the longer juggles on lightweights

What are her good circular attacks?

2KG, 5KG, 1P (this is a half circular). Another way to deal with evades is delaying your 66PK,p string. I often catch evaders with this.

1P is a little on the slow side, do don’t throw it out unless you sure it’ll hit… One good thing about Aoi is that she can G cancel her sweep which is something I don’t think any other character can do. So you can start mixing them up and forcing them not to evade, and the you can start running her throw mixup and G cancel game. G canceling her moves to K hits mid, so it kills duckers, and G canceling to P does a auto hit throw (never checked it is a Sabaki, but probably is).