We should go see Black Dynamite!


I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out forever, and it’s showing in Seattle:


Its hype.

“my mommy said my dads name is black dynamite, mine too”

“alot of catz have that name”

I saw this shit today. Quite possibly the greatest movie in the history of the universe.

I do want to see this movie. Also, “Machete” needs to be made into an actual film.

P.S., In the trailer on the website I breifly saw one of my favorite, shall we say, adult film stars Stacy Adams. :karate:

Oh shit, thanx for info. I need to see this…

I want to see this, I don’t know if my roommates will get it though.

Any of you guys seen Coffy? That movie is fucking gangster.

^70’s Pam Grier is without a doubt, the most beautiful woman of all time… Good movie too.

I’m fucking happy Michael Jai White finally another movie role. What was his last major starring role? Spawn? Universal Soldier: The Return?

Just saw it on thanxgiving…greatest movie ever…

I heard it’s like pooty tang, but not as awesome. Which would still be amazing.

Waaaay better than pooty tang. They really ran with the whole 70’s aesthetic.