We need more SSF4AE in the NW

hahahaha beat you guys.

lol </3

i love how the buff got buffer and the weak got weaker (ibuki biased)

I don’t understand shit about AE.

I agree except for Bison, Abel and Rose getting nerfed hard and Makota and Guy looking like viable characters finally. Seth and Adon especially are getting buffs that are OP but appreciated. I’m probably going to main Adon and Seth with Bison as the solid charge character on the side. Poor Guile’s gonna get PWND muahaha.

That about sums up the changes

Also, expect to see me up there more…

Also, Honda. Why would Guile get owned? His sonic boom charge time is still what it is, and his AA’s are unchanged, only the damage…sounds like he can still play his game, just without it being as easy as it is right now for shitty Guiles like myself.

I like dive kicks.

Against characters I use I hate trading normals with Guile because of damage. Now I can rush that shit down! Still, he’s not gonna be low tier, just the same tier as the rest of the super top tier characters gettin nerfed. I heard EX headbutt goes the same distance as strong head butt now and his all around damage got nerfed. If I were a Honda player I’d mostly just be irritated by the change to jab head butt. AA is going to be as if you were using Bison or Abel. Jump back normals.

yeah ive been playing ibuki myself and she seems like shes already kinda weak. But shes so fun that ill prolly stick with her eventhough i lose every match :frowning:

So from what I’ve seen Yun will probably become my main. Her ex revsal can combo into his rush punch. His shoulder looks pretty safe on block if spaced right. After raw ultra anti air you can combo into ex rush punch. If you are near the corner you can use a one bar hit confirm into ultra. his air to air normals are beast. His dive kick has great hitstun and a great hitbox/hittable box. his cLK which he hitconfirms with looks fast and has good range. His palm has slow start-up but amazing hitbox and great active frames awith amazing recovery. Jump cancelable standing normal into dive kick looks crazy. He has an answer to fireballs and has an invincible non-ex reversal. His combos lead into more dive kick pressure. Decent backdash too.

Cammy looks good too. The nerf to TK strike got replaced by them buffing its hitstun and blockstun. close sHP which is 4 frames combos into cMP now. Frameadvantage on all her normals is crazy. 120 dmg cancelable far HP that can be combo’d into.

Fei looks great and akuma is the same.

I will be a top tier whore and expect alot of complaining. Since all my bad match-ups got nerfed and the new rushdown dP char is super OP.

I like the way you think right there, Mr. Bokkin. I press buttons, so Yun is a decent fit for me as well.

Im gonna use yun tooo!!! Nom nom onom


Watching that video, it took Guile 14 sonic booms and a hit to gain one EX bar from start-up. A full sonic hurricane does…maybe 350 damage(most likely 300). Combine that with the other damage nerfs and it looks like Guile got the Sagat treatment.

Seattle Yun Army.

Hummm why did you make this thread again?

Dee Jay… that is all.

oh nm since everyone is getting debuffed. I’m back with viper. ty

I’m proud of you Mackinzie.

Me too. Throwing himself at that Honda wall for like…11 matches or something XD

Also, Vanilla is still fun @ gameworks, do we even need AE? :stuck_out_tongue:

Adon now has special cancel-able close roundhouse. Close round house does 120 dmg and 200 stun. Buff :lovin: