We need more MK players in the NW!

So I didn’t see anything posted about the new Mortal Kombat or any mk games, so I decided to make one. Lol I don’t know how u all feel about MK or if your even picking it up the new game, but I like how its going back to UMK3 2D style and I’ll be playing this for sure. Maybe we will see this game in future seattle tournaments? Or at least on the side. What u all think about the game?

best game ever

I’m pretty decent at UMK3 and FOR SURE picking this up tonight. Hopefully I can replace my Marvel time with this game…

I want it soooooooooooooo bad, but I’m on temp ban from fighting games.

I guess my girl doesn’t understand that joysticks are made specifically for the purpose of throwing at the wall when in a fit of rage. I tried to explain to her that, that is why they make them so big. The sound of a large object crashing into the wall at high speeds followed by loud cursing is far more satisfying and fun than the sound of a small object crashing into the wall followed by loud cursing. It’s been scientifically proven!

Women just don’t understand science I guess.

LOOOOOOOOLLLL that’s the best post i’ve read in quite some time.

Damn, the gamestop by my house is not doing a midnight launch because not enough people pre-ordered the game. Bummer, guess I’ll have to wait til tomorrow.

Streaming of online matches are here right now.

Slayer.Pro on Justin.tv

I am really digging the game. Have to get use to using a block button.

The online so far is crap though.

This story mode actually seems to be really good. Took quite a while to beat it all the way through.

Im enjoying the story mode too, I on chapter 11 or 12 right now. Do I still have long way to go?

I’ve heard that there are 16 chapters.

So is the game hot garbage? Is it like umk3?

Game’s pretty cool. If you bought MKvsDC for $60+tax:rofl: then there is no reason to pass on this one. The online could use some work, I’ve only played zass30 so far, but there was noticeable lag at the beginning of the match.

EDIT: Noob Saibot is worth the dough on this game alone.

its 16 chapters, I just finished it.

Has anyone played 2 player teams? It’s pretty fun and probably one of the best modes for this game imo.

Diggin this game (First MK ever). It is a lot of fun… think i like it more than Super but not quite as much as MvC3. Definately looking forward to playing with some locals at this. Anyone want to get some matches should add me on XBL because everytime I try and play with my East Coast friends the lag is atrocious… I have a few friends in Cali I play with though that aren’t too bad, not great but playable.

Keep at it. This game is really fun. Ill add u when I get on next to get some matches in. u should go to sr3 to get some offline matches too.

At nights around 10pm I think I am going to start making a room called 00000Northwest (the 0’s are there so you won’t have to scroll down the entire way because D-bags are making their rooms all start with 0’s haha)

Anyways when I get a good connection for this game it is actually pretty fun and I can’t really notice the lag all too much. I just thought this room might be good so we can have decent connection matches and what not.

So whos everyone diggin in this game so far? For me Kung Lao is a blast. I love the safe pressure I can constantly apply and all the options I have for getting in. I am also really really digging Stryker at the moment for his sort of hit and run style of play. His gun cancel in his combos still feels a little awkward.

I also feel like I can play Sub Zero and Mr. Cage fairly well but for sure my best ATM is Kung Lao. Competitively I probably will stick with Kung pending I fall in love with someone else.

I also really want to try out Noob, Quan, Kabal, and Jax

Kung Lao and Noob Saibot are the ones I’m digging the most. Kitana is another one.