We need more Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood players in Seattle

Okay, those of you that know me know that I am quite loath to pick up and play a new competitive game. So far ST and VF5 are pretty much the only two I play.

But now there is another.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood to me feels like a multiplayer fighting game. Not in the mechanics, which are quite simple: You press X to kill someone, or B to punch your killer. But there’s a suprising amount of depth to the game. Are you going to run around killing people agressively with no regard to your own safety? Will you be discreet and hide in groups, getting fewer kills but higher quality?

You can pick various abilities, which is sort of the equivalent of picking your character in a fighting game. There are defensive abilities, offensive abilities, general use ones. You can switch your abilities out whenever you die. Learning which abilities to use when is a lot of fun.

Here’s a video with commentary I think is pretty entertaining and good to get started on strategy:


Anyways the reason I’m making this thread is I want to play private games with SRK people. Level up and treat this like a real game. I’m playing this pretty much almost every weeknight. So post here if you play this, and we’ll get serious!

This game is fun; I rented it but am looking to buy it once I’ve cleared money for MvC3. Wanted is really intense because you know that people are hunting you, but you can’t just run from them otherwise you’ll probably just lose your target and die.

Beasley never fails to disappoint me.

This is officially gonna be - Help a Beasley pick a fighting game to play-

VF is dead outside of Asia so the purpose of this is to pick something for him to play as a side game to ST. So we got…

SSFIV - Cool game, pretty defensive and no guard meter(:confused:). I still think it’s a cool game, but anyone who has played a fighting game at a competent level in the past 20 years hates it, but plays it for the comp. As stated, has a lot of comp and the online connection isn’t too bad (It’s no VF or VO:OT, but hey…).

Time investment: This game will be around for awhile gonna have a few updates but will be worth it if you like it since the comp will be there.

MvC3 - Beasley didn’t care for the previous ones, but it’s brand new and looks like it’ll have a lot of hype. There’s a possible AE coming out, but unless you live in Asia that shit doesn’t matter. I know Beasley is not waiting through a 20 man rotation on one cabinet, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Time investment: Gonna have a long life. A lot of characters a lot of different combinations(sp) for teams and what have you. With the AE coming out sometime down the road, it will have an update but hey, that’s thinking ahead of ourselves.

MK(9) - This game is looking pretty damn good and since we live in 'Merica it would be unpatriotic to play a new MK that didn’t suck. I doubt the younger generation will get into it(not anime influenced and there’s Asian people in it that aren’t Japanese) which means Beasley will have people to talk to.

Time investment: Due to past MKs who knows what the outcome holds, but if this game is good and has MKII level hype then this shit is not going anywhere for a looooooooooooong time.

Vampire Savior - One on one. No block button. No 3-on-3 with assist jumping in-n-out every 2 sec. Not slow as molasses. Solid mechanics an is gaining a grass roots popularity through GGPO and the like. The GGPO room usually has 10~40 people in it which is a great start and considering it was 0~4 not too long ago:rofl: T

Time investment: All there really is right now is the “Play it and others will follow” mentality and the fact that’s it’s online. There are a lot of tools who want DS4 but they ain’t playing what’s out there right now, so yeah. There are arcade boards in WA but this will probably have a small following.

KOF 2002 UM: Online play isn’t bad but since the WC is on the soft body tip, we don’t play anything but Capcom. Shit ton of characters, lots of teams solid mechanics.

Time investment: Probably not worth it for Beasley but it would be nice if he got down in this.

WTF this looks dope. I just started playing the first one again, I randomly decided to get really high and start assassinatin’ niggas. Now I could be doing it online to other people!? Shit. Color me hype. I wish I had money. Can I have your copy Beastly?


I watched the vid that was linked, and I can totally see how this could be a competitive game. I haven’t really played many modern games, and the graphics look amazing - does everything look this good nowadays?

3SOnline comes out soon enough. Start playing 3S now.