WCW Westcoast Warzone pool/matches recording

Hey guys. I’m not sure how others really feel about this but the weekend of West Coast Warzone has a lot of heavy hitters for HDR. I wanted to record some bracket matches with the Cali players.

Here’s the scenario…
I have a hauppauge PVR which only takes in component cables. WCW will have xbox’s with Asus monitors. I will obtain a component cable to VGA converter but it would require me to hook this up to the xbox to the Asus monitors. The quality is just as good at 720p compared to 1080p. The only thing is that you’ll lose the widescreen option… I don’t think we’ve set the rules for that.

Would you guys be down for this? If so, how would I get approval?


Confused as to why you would lose the widescreen option?

Correct me if I’m wrong but max resolution for the Hauppauge PVR with components cables is 720p. Wide screen option available only on 1080p with HDMI.

I don’t remember this limitation. The 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio should be available for 480p on up to 1080p through component or HDMI.

You can do widescreen at 720p. That’s how I play at home and it’s how we ran and recorded all the Denjin ranbats.

The maximum resolution of the Hauppage HD PVR is 1080i over component. But the wide screen option is available at 720p so that should be fine. That’s how we did the Denjin Ranbats.

To get approval you’ll have to talk to John Rog (Teppelin on SRK.) Don’t get your hopes up though. I doubt they would want one of the setups to be different from everything else. You could totally get some casuals or FT5/10 matches going I bet.

Speaking of Widescreen I certainly hope WCW runs widescreen like they did last year. There were no issues at all, so we should probably ask John Rog if he will run the tourney in widescreen again. Lets send him PM’s people!

Cool, I got the right person. I sent John Rog a pm before I created this thread so hopefully he’ll answer with his thoughts.

Aqua: I’m almost positive it’s being run in widescreen mode again :tup:

Sweet! :smiley:

The stream will actually look good for the spectators this time around.

I got a reply from Teppelin and he said there will be 2 stations with HDR on it. Big matches will be streamed along with it. I guess I won’t make the stream lol. He said he’ll get back to me on allowing me to record the matches. I’m glad he responded, I thought that was professional. Most organizers that don’t know you, won’t even respond. I guess I’ll get the DGV brothers to speak for us lol. Their words have heavier weight than mine, I know that for sure. I’ll bring the equipment just in case.

Either way, I hope to meet up with some more dedicated HDR heads. I’ve met many socal cats already and was planning to hang out after the tourney.

Thanks for all your support vestax we will see you at WCW this on our turf!! :stuck_out_tongue: