Ways to vent your MEGA MAN frustrations

You can start by “liking” this ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/100000-Strong-for-Bringing-Back-Mega-Man-Legends-3/149316248475958 ).

I’m not one to sign online petitions normally. But this one has been getting thousands of
"likes" within hours. Maybe if this game gets resurected then the next step would be to put a form of Rockman into UMVC3.

We need to keep reminding Capcom how much we love him.

Take this shit to Capcom Unity, this forum is for MVC3, not MML3.

And Mega Man sucks. :}

I am so glad that they put in Rocket Raccoon rather than Mega Man

Zero FTW.

We cant all masturbate to G Gundam.

PS: Learn to read and stop being a forum nazi :slight_smile:

If all the megaman fans would take their anger and just go to the MML3 devroom, they might see the game green-lit. Then they should just stay over there.
The Rehash Robot, Megaman!

Why is this a thread?

I’m sorry but this is a MvC3 sub-forum, you are better of taking this to Unity.