Ways to deplete meter

Sackboy is completely unstoppable. Throws remove such a negligible amount of meter he will reach his level 3 at some point during the match. What are some ways to deplete meter other than throws. Some items take off nice chunks of meter but thats all I got

I thought the only way you can deplete meter was through throws outside of items

Hazards deplete meter. Sly Cooper has some moves that deplete meter when you attack someone from behind

That sounds sick…Do you know which moves off the top of your head since I am not around my game right now :smiley:

Hazards and throws. Hazards and throws. ALSO…

Hazards and throws.

Seriously though, anyone notice in a 4 player game if you use a throw someone else can grab the AP orb that drops while you’re still tossing the other guy away?

Yeah I noticed that too

Hazards, throws and items.

The amount of AP drops is based on the amount of AP he has stocked. There’s a certain percentage it removes but I don’t know the amount.

The problem with Sack Boy is that it seems like the AP requirement for his level 3 is pretty fucking low so that’s why he only drops around 50 AP each time. That and he’s ridiculously small that most grabs miss him. My guaranteed grab set up with Parappa always misses on Sack Boy. It takes about 6 god damn throws to take him down a level.


Sweet Tooth on the other hand, drops a ton of AP and he has a harder time building that meter. And it only takes 4 throws compared to Sackboy, and he’s an easy as hell throw target.


I try to maintain my distance from Sackboys so I don’t give them meter and keep the fighting away from him. Although that’s obviously impossible in the smaller stages. If it’s a stage with platforms, I usually try to attack them from below so that I don’t get hit by one of his traps. Use items to chip his meter out and avoid throws against him because a majority of the time you’re going to whiff. Pray that no one else is dumb enough to fall for his traps but that’s pretty useless considering how everyone lets Kratos whip them to death.

From my understanding you can’t grab airborne people, like in smash. So what’s to prevent sackboy from playing keepaway and jumping all the time? I understand that his moves are pretty slow in the air and don’t quite recover when hitting the ground like other chars. I with there was another way to drain meter.

I’m not experience with Sly enough to know them. I’ve had other Sly players do that to me all the time

Drake vs Sackboy is NOT FUN.

I will second this. All I can do is really jump/double jump over his fan which is just super telegraphed.

His forward B move drains some AP. His other effects moves just stuns the opponent. Basic combos and hit-n-run with this move is a pretty effective way to get to level 2 and 3.