Way to go, Jared Loughner: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D) shot in head


Man, it just seems like you don’t see attempted assassinations anymore, at least in this civilized country where the really volatile people get it all out by bitching on the Internet. Arizona: bringing it back, baby!

And Bush is still alive?

yeah, “Go Arizona”. [/sarcasm]

Shooter’s Youtube channel: YouTube - Classitup10’s Channel

One of his favorite books: Mein Kampf :xeye:

Ironically he puts people on blast for bad grammar when his own grammar is shit.

UPDATE: U.S. District Judge John Roll, one of the victims in the shooting, has died.

And The Communist Manifesto…kid coulda had a future as a white house aid.

Rhio2k confirmed for douchebag.

Where did your previous post go that basically said the same thing before the Communist Manifesto was added?

Some other articles say Giffords doctors are “optimistic” about her recovery. I’m not sure what that really means but hopefully it’s a little good news.

Found some more info on the freakazoid, so I got rid of it and re-posted…okay, it WAS a little douce-y, but hey, BO himself said that in college he sought out and surrounded himself with communists and socialists. maybe that’s changed, maybe it hasn’t…shrug

And this is somehow relevant either way?

Trying to get in the first spin before someone inevitably points out the possibility that this guy was a huge right wing asshole who figured he might go out and off some uppity lefties?

They say she’s notdead and responding to commands.

edit: Apparently this is Sarah Palin’s fault.

Man, the past year or so Arizona has been off the walls fucking crazy.

We’ll know soon enough. In the meantime turns on ps3

There was apparently some retarded-ass ad with a gun scope on takebackthe20.com, which is curiously unavailable right now.

Not that a reasonable person can be provoked into a shooting rampage by a campaign ad, but in retrospect, it may have been in poor taste.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this aspect of the story gets spun.

Fucking brain slushie interrupting my football watching.


Really, dude? Really?

You’re better than this, man. Don’t get baited by the obvious.