Watching AVIs On My DVD Player or Game Console

I currently have many AVI files burned onto DVD’s and am able to play them using my modded PS2 and SMS. I really dont like the fact that Im constantly using the console to play movies and games… looks like the laser is gettin a bit worn down. My question is: Does anyone know a DVD player thatll play AVIS straight off a DVD written as DATA or any other method? I have too many movies/episodes thatll just take too long to convert and I really dont have the time… Im not much of a techie when it comes to DVD players and movies so maybe someone with knowledge can lend me a helping hand.

try this link, i used this a while back to do a similar thing

i ended up buying a LG player for less than 60 that plays almost anything
hope this helps, and good luck on your search

I don’t know about USA but here in Poland it’s usually the cheapest DVD players that can play most of the video codecs. Big companies like Sony or JVC seem to avoid adding this kind of functionality. Just be sure it plays XviD, most of the new movies and series released today use this codec. Possibility of firmware (onboard software) upgrade is nice too.
And remember, .avi in itself doesn’t stand for any particular kind of video format. It’s just a container for audio and video that can be encoded in various ways (like mp3 for audio or xvid and divx for video).

You are right. I have bought a 20$ DVD player that can play much more than one of the more expensive ones. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that will play divx for a good price.

My only experience with a “real” DVD player that plays Divx was the Phillips DVP-642. It wasn’t that bad, but if you’re like me and watch a lot of subtitled stuff, it can be hard seeing them if the subs are near the bottom of the video because it can sometimes cut off parts of the screen, especially if you don’t have a flat screen TV. The newer ones are probably better, but you’d have to do the research it yourself.

If you can, I highly recommend buying an original Xbox that has already been pre-modded, or finding someone to mod it for you/do it yourself and installing Xbox Media Center on it. It’ll play a lot more formats than just avi and there’s even custom scripts that people made so if you have the system connected to the net you can browse Youtube and TV-Links. Plus you can just network the Xbox to your computer and stream videos off from it.
A used Xbox is like $80 at Gamestop, but I’m sure you can get it for much cheaper finding people getting rid of it. Or wait for when Gamestop tries to clear them out. A month or so ago they were selling them for $50 after a coupon.

I bought a region-free DVD player that plays DivX files for like 30 bucks. And it can play all my Asian DVDs yeye.

the XBOX media center idea seems like the way to go, Ive used some DIVX DVD players and they play some files and others, for whatever reason, just dont. Thx for ur input fellas, i appreciate it :slight_smile: