Watch WWE Survivor Series 2012 Live Stream

Though it is not yet confirmed which two members will represent 3MB, the match will be significant for WWE’s stacked tag division regardless of which two-thirds of the air-guitar-shredding triumvirate shows up in ring gear. With WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No appearing as fragile as ever, all duos are looking to move up the ranks and try their hands at exploiting Kane & Daniel Bryan’s uneasy partnership. A win on the Survivor Series Pre-Show holds the potential to bump either 3MB or the unofficial “International Airstrike” up a few pegs.



WWE presents its annual Survivor Series pay-per-view this Sunday, November 18, held in the beautiful Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind. 2012 edition of WWE’s Survivor Series, and there is no bigger topic of discussion than the triple threat main event for the WWE Title between defending champion CM Punk, Ryback and John Cena.

Is that the first time Gabriel and Kidd have been referred to as “International Airstrike”? Maybe WWE couldn’t get the copyright for “Team CoBro” like it was attempting to do?

It’s also interesting that it’s being teased it could be any mix and match of the three members of 3MB for the team, considering Drew McIntyre has been out of action as of late dealing with the death of his mother.

Either way, we’ve got a new Survivor Series pre-show match and dare I say, it’s much better than the one that was set before it. Agree or disagree?

One year ago, John Cena and The Rock teamed up to defeat The Miz and R-Truth in the main event of a star-studded Survivor Series. It set the bar high for this year’s show, which has been forced to undergo a rapid build due to a late change of course.

The original plan featured traditional elimination tag teams led by Mick Foley and CM Punk, rekindling a rivalry that was built during Punk’s quest for respect. It was quickly changed to Team Foley against Team Ziggler while Punk moved into a title defense.