Watch the transformation, WWE Brawlstick

Alright so I got my fight stick today and right out of the box, the sticker needs to go. After peeling it off(with limited success) I had to scrape the remaining off with an exacto blade. Here’s a picture, I’ll be updating with pics as I get it done, hopefully within a few days I can head to kinkos and get a sticker for it too!

Next time use a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen up the glue. Then peel it off, and keep heating the remaining residue of the sticker glue and scrape while hot.

I’ve got it all apart, found some goo gone and it’s sitting outside.

Thanks for the tip I’ll be sure to remember that next time, this time was a pain in the ass.

I just ordered a BrawlStick and I’ll be interested to see how yours turns out.

Good luck.

Scraped all the gunk off and decided to oust the sticker and do something original. I hand sanded the front plate, time for reassembly!

My little brother says hi and is extremely interested in my fight stick haha. I purposely left out the picture of the front, that’s for when it’s done!

All done, now time to actually test it haha I didn’t even try it before I ripped it apart and made it a little custom. If I stick with it I’ll replace the buttons and stick and I’m thinking about jeweling the entire surface.

If you don’t what jeweling is google it, it looks awesome.

When you said Jeweling (and before googling it), I had an image of rhinestone fucking EVERYWHERE.

It would be interesting to see a jeweled panel. I personally like the smooth metal look you got in the picture.

It takes a helluva long time but it’s original and I think it’d look great! My game has actually gotten TONS better it only took me an hour or two to be able to fireball normally.

Since you sanded it down, you’re going to want to get something on that front panel to protect it, lest it starts to get surface rust. Even a coat of clear gloss lacquer spray will go a long way.

I’m going to be keeping it as it is. Just gunna switch out the buttons stick and gate then jewel it later on.

If I clear coat it now I’ll have to sand it all off to jewel it later.

For sure. If it’s going to sit around for a few weeks, the chance of it getting flash rust is pretty high, so just work fast. Looking forward to seeing the results!

I was actually thinking about that…if it did get rust it’d be ruined jeweled or not. I think today or tomorrow I’ll clear coat it, sanding it all away again will be a pain but the whole thing is a labor of love. I got it this far, I can get it further! It’s going to have an orange joystick and I’m trying to think of what kind of buttons I want. I’ll have to wait til christmas for more cash though.

I stripped the sticker off a metal control panel and sanded it smooth, left it like that for weeks and never got any surface rust on it. In fact, I still have it laying around somewhere, it’s bee about 6 months already since I haven’t had time to finish working on it. No rust at all.

Did you play it in that state though? The oils in your hand can make it rust I just don’t know how much you’d need to play it and not clean it. Right now I can’t clear coat it so I’ll just clean it every time I use it, should stay alright.

Yeah I played in that state for a few weeks prior to putting it on the shelf for painting, which was prepped and all that prior. And, if you do notice light rust, just scuff it off with some fine (0000) steel wool.

I’m doing pretty much the same thing. After sanding can I just start painting or do I need primer?

Primer would be a good idea.

Finished with Primer. Gonna start with coloring tomorrow.

Everything came out find even when I had to mask the majority of the panel for red paint, but when I was spraying my clear coat it started blowing air and I got a whole buch of tiny little bubbles near the bottom of it. I was so disappointed I decided to get rid of paint and make my own art(as much as I hate the idea of adhesive on my panel again.)

Does any one know what kind of metal those panels are? If you don’t know, can some one see if a fridge magnet sticks to it or not? Thanks for the info in advance.