Was Tobal 2 Mid-Late 90's defining fighter?

Hey I’m a big tobal fan, and i thought the series was brilliant. IMO the three best games of the psx/saturn/n64 era was tobal 2, radiant silvergun and dodonpachi. It had a style unlike anything other. My question is how high on the pantheon of great fighters do you put tobal 2. For that era where do you rank it? Was it the definitive fighter for that era?

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I have fond memories of it, but like no one I know of ever played it, or even heard of it.

Seemed like a solid game with poor marketing and distribution.

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Tobal 2 used to be held in crazy high regard by a lot of SRKers.

The game was said to be incredibly deep om top of being great to play.

Cant remember if it had a dedicated thread in FGD. Probably does.


that’s saying something as the guys around here have insane standards and are true fighting game snobs…LOL …so that is indeed high praise.

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Yeah, I never had a chance to play it though.

Think it jad a pretty crazy grappling system and a some other cool things. Didnt really spend a lot of time investigating it though.

Tobal 2 was the Bo jackson of fighting games IMO

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