Was Mark of the Wolves a failure?

Out of all SNK’s games, I’m surprised that a sequel to this game wasn’t created before SNK went bankrupt.

People liked the new cast or the play system. And it was one of SNK’s best games of all time.

But at the same time, the Fatal Fury series as a whole wasn’t received very well until the Real Bout series.

Could that have been why Mark of the Wolves didn’t take off?

No, it wasnt a failure, in fact SNK was even making the sequel but it was cancelled when they got bankrupt. Garou was just “well” received.

Garou did not “take off” mostly because the fighting genre was in a total chaos in those years, i must say that even Third Strike wasnt really “taking off” in the USA and it started to get cult status outside on Japan at least 3 or 4 years after the original release… you know, all that “i started to play Third Strike when i saw that Daigo Chun-Li SA2 parry video” stuff. Of course im just commenting the situation on the US, here in South America Third Strike was somewhat popular since the first day, but not that much.

Garou is one of my favorite SNK games and its a shame that we dont have an official “sequel”… but, you know, SNKP is now (and it was in those years anyway) just KOF and its really hard to saw SNKP working on another fighting title that is not KOF (Samurai Shodown V/Tenkaichi was made by Yuki-now-Examu… and Sen is a weird game that i dont have too much hope on it).

Failure? I don’t think so.

I dont recall any fighting game fan telling me they disliked the game. Although I can’t blame the sequel not coming out on the original’s merits due to SNK’s bankruptcy

The title of the thread is misleading as to what you are actually trying to get across. IMO.

yes because it is a bad game

do u think u are good @ garou if u know guard crush strings w/ terry bogard

If MOTW was a (marketing) failure because it was a bad game then SFIV defies that logic imo :rofl:

and if you were being sarcastic, well good on ya…

People still play it today in JPN so I’s say no.

garou is a do stuff game while sf4 is a sf skills footsie, positioning, zoning, etc game so i doubt youll get much sympathy from polarity on this subject

Commercially, it was a failure if I remember correctly.

Are you sure? The Japanese seem to prefer [media=youtube]jAoKA90WMkQ"[/media] over SNK games :china:

People in Japan play everything, from Asuka 120% to Fighting Layer.

That is not a good indication of sales and/or popularity.

The thing I know for sure is that the game was popular for months, when it was released. The japanese hold weekly tournaments today, so it’s not a once in a while type of thing, like the other obscure games they play. Even though it’s a select few players that do play it. Another problem also was that 3s was released a few months before MOTW. I think the game has the potential that 3s has/had if people gave it a chance. It’s bad enough that certain people in the US are anti SNK in the first place :sad:. Everyone has their taste when it comes to fighters and some aren’t open minded enough to try out something different. In the long run I’m hoping SNK is still planning to release the sequel. A new FF game would be great but SNK has to step it up if they hope to get anyone to play their fighters.


MOTW brought us the greatest move of all time…




GGPO garou is fun

you guys should get pwnd sometime

SNK is a failure.

Garou 2 should have been KOFXII. Seriously…those graphics on a Garou sequel woulda killed the competition. And STFU if u think otherwise.


rock howard <3

sadly i didn’t fall in love with him through motw because i had no one to play with when it came out. cvs2 was a different story but rock howard is probably my favorite fighting game char of all time!

Kain needs a comeback, point blank period.