Wanting to learn Vice Basics

Can anyone help?

The only Vice I’ve seen in CVS2 is my own and other than that, I saw SNK stuff when my friends were playing.

After hurricane punch (the move that pops the guy in the air), it looks like it’s BEGGING for a follow-up. Anyone know?

Also, I remember seeing her Chun Li move used a lot in SNK, does it totally suck in CVS2?

Well, I am by no means an advanced Vice player, but I can help you a bit. I’ll answer your questions first, then move onto explaining the basics.

I’m not sure what you mean by hurricane punch. If you mean the QCB+P shoulder rush, you can follow that up with DP (dragon punch motion) +K. If you mean the HCF, F (half-circle back, forward)+P command throw, you can follow that with DP+P.

The blade kicks (chun-li move) definitely don’t suck. They’ve got to be used properly, but they don’t suck. They have uber priority, the LK version comes out really fast, and they do awesome chip. You can also use them in the air to enhance Vice’s ghetto tick throwing game, but they’re not too safe as a jump in. I’ve found that they’re best use is either as an anti-air or as chip damage against a rising opponent without a good wake-up move.

Okay, now onto the good stuff…

Vice is, essentially, a rushing character. She works best at close range, and can be a beast in the corner. However, a lot of her moves leave her kind of vulnerable, and her QCF, QCF+P super is absolutely horrible outside of very specific situations. She also doesn’t have a whole lot to throw at an opponent who’s fighting her from outside her ideal range, so learning how to rush is a big necessity for learning her. Roll Canceling is also necessary to have a good Vice, but no one will expect you to be able to do that as soon as you pick up the game. Vice’s best groove, by far, is N-Groove; It enhances her mobility and allows her to keep her roll cancels.

A basic rundown of her moves-
Shoulder Tackle- This is one of your few mobile whiff punishers, and your all-purpose combo ender. Don’t use this to cover space; use dashes or running instead (much safer). However, if you see the opponent leave themselves open, hit them with this. The DP+K extension adds a little damage to this, but can’t be done in the corner. Also, if this hits you opponent into the corner don’t do DP+K because it will throw them behind you.

Blade Kicks- Uh, well, pretty much already talked about this.

Sleeves (HCF+K)- these are great. As well as being one of the few things that Vice can do at Mid to far range, sleeves can help you get your opponent in the corner and help you get near the opponent (you’ve got plenty of time to rush towards your opponent after the move). Also can be used against fireballers, but, without RCing, that takes some serious timing.

Anti-air sleeves (DP+K)- Forget this move exists. The angle is horrible, the priority is pathetic, and you have to anticipate an opponent’s jump to actually hit with this. Just stick to cr.HP, s.HK, or blade kicks as anti-airs.

Command throws- They’re command throws. They’re function is pretty self-explanatory. The HCB, F+P command throw does more damage (with the extension) and puts the opponent in the corner, though, so learn to do that one consistently.

QCF,QCF+P super- almost useless. The only time you should ever use this is if the opponent stupidly throws a fireball or whiffs something that you’re too far away to normally punish. This super is honestly pretty pathetic, and you usually eat a jump-in combo for doing it. (the opponent can jump straight up to avoid it)

HCB, HCB+K super- Pretty good. Despite a lack of frams of invincibility, this is a nice super for just grabbing someone and dealing damage. The range on this thing is huge, too.

B&B combo- LP, close HP xx HP shoulder tackle with extension. 5 hits, good damage.

Also, never, ever, EVER use s.HP. It’s stupidly slow, and s.MP does the same damage with about double the speed and almost as much range.

That’s very thorough, thank you.

I especially appreciate:

I will defiintely be looking into all of this. Thanks. I was wondering what her anti-air’s were.

I play K-groove. Any comments? (Other guys, for serious games: Blanka, Sagat, Cammy. Blanka then Cammy then Sagat.)

If you mean comments on Vice in K-Groove, I’d say don’t play her in any groove without rolls (she NEEDS roll canceling). If you mean your K-Groove team, it looks really solid. Cammy’s a pain in the ass… :bluu:

this thread has some good vice tips: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44010

Here best AA’s are her S.roundhouse, RC/non-RC Lk blade kicks, and c.fierce

Vice in K-Groove

Just FYI, the only videos I have of Vice in K-Groove is from a match of Muffinman vs. ShadyK.

Unfortunately, I’m not uber advanced enough to give you a breakdown of the strategy and tactics in that match, but it basically seemed that Vice’s gameplan (vs. C-Ken) was to basically JD until raged, then go for the Lvl 3 Super.

Hm. Thanks:-)