Wanting Some Work Done To My Arcade Stick (anyone a Arcade Stick Modder?)

hello everyone,

so acouple days ago i started to look into getting my arcade stick modded (street fighter).just something easy,some new buttons and things and then i saw a xbox 360 wireless arcade stick and i was like awesome(http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2007/04/03/best-diy-arcade-stick-evar-its-wireless/)im sure that everyone has seen this.so i started to look around for someone that would do this to my Sf stick and i came across this site,


and i Messaged him about if he can do the xbox 360 wireless mod and he said yeah and things he said i can send him the PCB n things from my stick and a wireless controller and he would do it for me,BUT if i wanted the charge port on the arcade stick,i would have to send the whole arcade stick to him.everyone knows that the SF stick is pretty big.so i was all willing to do it but i got an email yesterday saying that he thinks that its better that i find a Local place.somewhere in the us because sending the arcade stick to the UK,would cost alot in shipping and on top of that i would still have to pay for him to install everything.he just gave me a some advice and just said to try SRK.so here i am typing.all i want is to find someone that can do that xbox 360 wireless mod to my arcade stick.umm…i just have a few things that i want to know if its possible…

-keep the xbox/ps2 ports so i can play on them still.(that guy from the site told me its probably still possible to keep it)
-buttons and joystick like happ comp parts.(black buttons)
and the power button (to turn on the xbox 360 system) on the actual box or somewhere nice.
-the button to connect the stick to my xbox 360.

i do have a xbox 360 controller that in pieces cause i took it apart to change out the case,but it kinda went south so i just kept it a little bag so i can probably send that with the stick.

im just looking for a person that mods arcade sticks that lives in the US so hopefully that the shipping rates n things are a little bit lower.please help someone or lead me into the right direction.sorry that this is so long but i just wanted to make a post of what i am looking for.anyone up for helping me?
thanks everyone for looking


DH20, good guy
a 3 system stick? its doable but it aint cheap
all that other stuff is also do able
find and PM
these users
Koi, Chippermonky, and or mikei they’ve done 360 sticks before see what their prices are

all those guys are in the la area
cept chipper hes too cool

i just messaged them and im going to wait for them to reply.thanks you 2 :slight_smile:

Last three are easy. First one is hard. PM me if you come up empty, but Im pretty sure Id be the most expensive modder here. You should really list where you’re located in case there is a local modder you can deal with.

sweet…ill let you know if i get a response outta someone.

oh im in the chicagoland area

Good luck mate.
Hope someone can do this for you.
You know the amount it would cost to ship to UK etc you could get a full custom build.


lol. I don’t take that kinda crap from guys who use masterchibi’s icons.

And I’m going to UCLA next year too.

Found this thread looking for something else. Just to give an idea what’d be involved : http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=544142&st=90