WANTED: Dj_Matrix aka Johnny Ibanez


The short version: DJ_matrix was building arcade sticks and selling them in the forum. Cool.

Except, people have been waiting literally a year for their sticks/refunds etc, he hasn’t been around for months, and nobody can seem to get in contact with him. Which is bad, because he probably owes people several hundred dollars.

Any info would be appreciated, or, better yet, if you could track him down and ask him what the hell is going on.


i think

sometimes in life

you just have to take your lumps and move on

grow a little bit wiser every day

Wouldnt say all that about Dj Matrix. Just bought a dreamcast stick from him and my stick came on time. Sent the money order to him on monday. Received my stick on monday. I didnt have any issues getting mine. Best bet is to call him or text him. He is busy working but I wouldnt go creating a thread putting than man business out there like that. He wont get no customers with bad publicity. Close this thread and contact him on here or ask his friends he be with. =/


please tell me you’re pulling a really bad joke on us. please.

how did you get in contact with him (phone call, e-mail, etc.)?

DJ Matrix is from Dallas, so getting a stick to Houston is way easier than to a place like sacramento

You do realize what all has been going on right?

Yeah but making people wait a year for a stick and still haven’t finishing it is a good way to get publicity? I went through the thread earlier and DJ constantly said he would finish the sticks but had no proof. He also ignored most phone calls sent by people

I just read the thread. DAYUMMM:(. I didnt know all that was going on. I mean all I can say is, That man did GOOD BUSINESS with me. I got my stick. I dont like drama so Im not going to get into it just saying what my experience was with him 2-3 weeks ago.

you’re about 1 year late.

long story.

you’re just going to make ALL OF THEM PISSED because you got your stick in 2-3 weeks or whatever, and they’ve been waiting more than 10 times that amount. i’d stop talking more if i were you.

The fact that Airbrush got his stuff on time doesn’t bother me at all. The fact that he dicked over like a half a dozen other people, I’m not so happy about.

iirc he’s banned for his stick business following through

so, yeah good luck and godspeed

edit. dont have it.

i’m pretty sure MrWizard only took away his posting privileges. he should still be able to respond to private messages.

we’ve tried calling him numerous times over the last few months, and he’s never picked up. of course, his work schedule and time zone differences may be reasons why he’s never picked up, but we’ve left him messages on his voicemail too.

he changed his number few months back

You can add one of my good friends to the list. Took his tekken 5 stick to mod it and we never saw him again. Man needs to pay up for what he’s done.

Dj matrix A.k.a bonified hustler!

Last time I saw Matrix he had two buckets of KFC that he bought WITH YOUR STICK MONEY. har har har


I heard someone at the real thread saying he knows some friends that know the guy. Screw legal action, just beat the shit outta the guy.

Aint no one beating the shit out of nobody… Ya digg…