Want your custom design built?

I have built several custom arcade sticks. A few are available to see that have sold already on eBay. My account is Vendetta-19. I work with Oak, Pine, MDF, Plexiglas, Lexan, Resin Coatings, Staining, etc. etc. I used to make Sub woofer boxes as a hobby; same tools, different product. Send me an email with some specs and I will respond with a price and time frame. Some things I have done thus far:

2-Player Setups
Button Activated LED’s
Custom Button Layouts (AutoCAD)
Artwork Inlay Templates (Photoshop)

I prefer those who have a different idea, something exciting and fresh for my inspiration. Yes, I do plain boxes at a very affordable price but I am under the belief that if you go through the trouble of making a custom joystick, it should be something special…

email - alan@altfamily.us

maybe if you showed us some pics of your product people might be interested…

there’s a ton of quality and god tier stick makers here so unless you ve got stuff to show i dont think people will bother…

good luck though, a new stick maker is always welcome :wink:

yes… did you read the rules?


I just checked the rules and it’s too bad cause Rule #23 says:

“To use the trading outlet you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 100 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.”

Is this the rule you were referring to joe? I’m just curious.

What if someone has 100 posts and a great product to offer right now? He would have to wait 6 months before he can push it or make available to SRK members? I can see the reason behind having 100 posts but 6 months is a long time.

Its perfectly reasonable, it deters scammers. There are a lot of people that could say they could provide a excellent service of some sort, charge somebody for it and then disappear with the money. If you would like to sell in the future at least your proving a little bit of dedication and gaining some trust, there arent many people that would visit a site for 6 months just to rip people off when it can be done elsewhere.

This topic should really be deleted and vendetta should take a look at the rules. Its fair enough if you want to trust somebody that has just created an account but either way he isn’t allowed to sell products on this forum until six months from now.

I don’t know how the Tech Talk mods work but just to let you know it is against the rules in Trading Outlet. If this thread is moved there, it will be closed.
I’m sorry.

However, it seems if you have your own website you can have a thread like this open. ie, Electric Trouble Arcade Controls…

Perhaps, but it is usually because you’re either describing an evolving technology (ie, me developing new balls, Toodles developing new PCBs), or you’re meeting a technological need (stick builders sourcing components).

If you’re just selling sticks, the thread needs to be in Trading Outlet. If you’re showing off your tricks of the trade, keeping us apprised of your latest project, etc - then it’s in the right place.

rules are rules… if you don’t feel it’s “fair” then you need to take it up with the admins