Want to improve; to get comfortable staying on the ground with Ryu. Seeking critique on my video


The first step to anycharacter is learn their buttons,. If you know the buttons damnit you don’t need to guess at all. Trust the buttons you know that can stop moves clean, that way you won’t have to use except when you have the hit for sure. Ryu’s buttons are VERY important.

This Zangief wouldn’t be a good example but. here are some tips you will want to keep in mind.

Randomness is real good but instead of shoryuken, Gief is really not the guy you want to use random shoryuken on. React to the end half of green hand with Any shoryuken you want, after he turns you can get a clean Meterless Shoryuken. Your punish in the second round (lk->ex tatsu) is great to get him into ultra for corners. or as a way so that if gief blocks it you will be out of his grab range at the least, and it will get you in a comfortable spot to react with another shoryuken if he green hands again.

Try to use limit your use of fireball or at least use it as a trap, a good player can double perfected you for this one mistake.
The best way to move around is to seriously just walk, dashing and jumping alot is too risky. Ryu is all about No risk. Each shoryuken you want to go and be psychic about can end the match for you (because you’ll be dizzy then dawg.)

About Ground game vs gief, the randomness should be in your grabs. Mix up wake up game with grabs they work good on grapplers.
This gief GreenHanded alot it looks like he just didn’t care. Focus Attacks can get destroyed easily with lariat so be careful with that.

Try not to go for your combo regardless if he’s blocking so look up hit confirming & true block strings to stay away from his grab.
Reacting the green hand is ESSENTIAL because if he is allowed to finish it and misses the possibility of a hidden buffered SPD will catch you.
Other tools to stop green hand on the spot are far Standing Hard punch and far standing hard kick. but shoryuken when you ‘know’ you will get it. If you want to level up your ground game

I wanna tell you that it is really cool that you are looking to level up your Ryu good luck, but trust in this… no matter which other character somebody can learn, Ryu is definitely the most rewarding journey in my opinion I don’t feel for a second that I am alone in believing it.

hope this helps you at all.

A great way to level your Ryu’s ground game is play Ryu vs. Ryu with a Ryu you KNOW is better than you (other wise you won’t get better, Beating up giefs like this one is no good, the best possible way to learn is from games you almost won but ended up losing.

EDIT: Just a some info about his buttons.
cr.mk can scoop in jumps (it ducks your hitbox and allows escape leeway, hell you can even scoop a jump into heavy shoryuken easily)
-it goes far , its fast, and it’s lower risk than sweep.

cr.hk - Sweeping is very addicting but use it if you made your opponent believe that you won’t.

Jab - use jab… a lot

cr.mp - just throw this out at ranges when you think your opponent is getting funny and coming closer to you sometime and fetch some counter hits. you will be surprised.

cr.hp seen you just throw this out there, maybe it was an execution error but whatever, this is a good way to hit opponents that jump very quickly.
st.hk - this works as a good anti air too, requires a bit of timing, but it’s good if you feel shoryu won’t catch the jump and is really good for testing your opponent to see how he handles you stopping his jump, if he jumps again things are looking good.

that was a great response. thanks a lot. i’m going to try very hard to re-train myself use ryu’s buttons when they should be used. i recorded another match i had recently against an alright akuma. i won but only because he dropped a combo at the end. www.outube.com/watch?v=xfUFPZIqvSc&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en_US


i’ve had success recently using st.HK when akuma or whoever goes for a crossup jump since what comes out is ryu’s vertical axe kick. is that a valid option against a crossup attempt? seems like the only thing i can do when they’re beginning to vortex. you’re so right about abusing the sweep kick; i do it without thinking and i gotta condition myself better.


It hits the right area, but it’s to slow. It will work if they don’t know what they’re doing with their setup, or if they cross over you while you’re already standing, though.

Yo don’t beat yourself over the head about conditioning. That journey never ends, because you are gonna figure out ways to do things better with TIME. Use things according to risk based on your situations. Sometimes I’ll go into a game right I’ll use buttons to keep them out of the air at first, so they will be like ok time to stay in check. But eating a Shoryuken or two is like an almost definite this guy will never jump on me again. The trick is you want to tease them with medium damage, and then you get the chance to do a quick solar plexus and give the heavy damage, and then you fall back because that’s how Ryu rolls. and keep the lead.

The thing about sweep is man… not sweeping at all, is way more detrimental to you. I am sure EVERY Ryu player (myself included) loved sweeping. Along the line man I stopped sweeping completely and that hurt me. The thing about sweep is do it less if you know that your opponent is keen with his blocking. Sweeping can be good without paying attention too in some cases. Why? because when you don’t even think you will do it right… How will they know you will do it? :smiley: !
and then boom knock down, unblockable j.mk , st.mk - heavy DP -> Grand Master

So Basically if you get blocked sweeping, That means chill out until he thinks you won’t. KEEP SWEEPING spaced out as in when they forgot all about it. But the minute you get blocked and punished for sweeping right, It’s still okay, trust me that is no make or break situation if you chose to sweep in the first place. it is worth the risk to sweep twice and take a little damage, it is better than missing shoryuken and becoming someones bitch. Hell In my opinion just take your ill risk shots in the beginning and when you measure their competence, that is when you adapt accordingly.

The biggest key to success in Street Fighter is pretty much not revealing all your secrets. The more you show your opponent you are basically telling them look, here’s my mix up … wanna see it again? (so they can block it and rape you) That is where pace comes in. Keeping a cool mind and be like what kind of player am I up against ? That will tell you how much sweep is too much and how much hadoken is too little. you get what I mean? Hey if you are on PSN we can run a set

Because like yo if I shoryuken and the chump gets hit. Ima wait a bit and shoryuken again because why not…
There really is no objective limit in this conditioning. Just do endless and see what you do too much that ain’t really worth it and more importantly, Sizing up the opponent is 85% of SF imo. if you can get in their head all you really need is one move. see?


and here is something I made for fellow Ryus who want to guarentee their sweep instead of a raw sweep (raw sweep Definitely still has its uses tho)

but linking sweep will up your game because you can make sure. simply from jabs check it out!


The best way to handle that, is to not sweep when they’re able to block. You have two pokes, remember? Sweep is to end combos and punish. Use c.mk if they’re able to block. A blocked sweep can be punished just as hard as a whiffed DP. It’s dangerous. If I’m playing eryu, and I block Ryu’s sweep, I do c.mk xx lk axe kick, fadc combos. They hurt. You let me block it twice and the round is mine. Tons of ultras and supers will also punish sweep. Newbs won’t punish, because they think they’re to far away, but it’s -11 or -14 or something. It’s ridiculous.

i have improved a LOT guys, and while it looks like i haven’t been reading this thread i HAVE and i thank you ALL tons for the great advice.

i’ve put in the time and i practice daily.

i use a metronome set to 176 to practice ryu’s links and con do 8/10 times crLK-crLP-stLP-crLP-sweep, and i can do almost 10/10, but when nervous 8/10 times the uber sweet cr.LK-cr.LP-cr.HP-Tatsu/hado.

i still CANNOT do more than 5/10 times, as in TRULY LINKED, cr.MP-cr.MP-crMK-hado… but i can do cr.MP-cr.MP-sweep 7/10 times on average.

the metronome doesn’t help for FADC’ing into ultras but I practice it daily and have managed to do it outside the training room, in real matches with nerves and sweat pouring around four or five times now. every single time i feel like a freaking god :slight_smile: this game is… MORE THAN A GAME!

i’m going to link a video of one of my recent fights. it was a loss, since the guy was TRULY good, (and i can now recognize what is being TRULY good and what is just knowing how to link… i.e. pacing and screen control. he definitely had it. and gimmicks and setups out the as); but even though he was very good… so was I, and we went at it tow to tow down to the wire. I lost because I couldn’t pull off my links/punishes and because I became frustrated when he started controlling me with setups.

this is how far i’ve come guys!


(for that match i switched to Ken, but check out how i learned how to play footsies and shit! it’s all thanks to this forum)

That is great work! You are going to do well in SF5 playing this way. I’m glad seeing this forum helped you out. Visit my channel to diversify your training. My channel is dedicated to Ryu users but I have two Ken videos. One is for SF5 too! Good luck.