Want to get into blazblue. Looking for tips

Im just looking at getting into blazblue. Its a game Ive always been interested in along with guilty gear but unfortunately Ive only played them casually.
Im a street fighter player originally. Ive read the “Coming from street fighter thread” which was helpful but talking about basic differences and playing the game are always entirely diffrent.

Anyone got tips for a newbie? Good videos to watch or things to try when first picking up the game? Is there much of a lockout for new comers because of how long the game has been out or is it something that isnt too difficult to get into?

Also wondering how combo heavy the game is when its played properly and how strict the timing is for combos in comparison to other games.

I’m in the same boat, man. Blazblue has just looked so fun, but there is no scene around here, so I’d be stuck as an online warrior. I’d love to get familiar with the game though so I could possibly enter at a major or part with people if/when I move to a big city.


Everything you will ever need to know.