Want to get better but

I’m a complete scrub, and feel as if i have plateaued. Somewhere though there is a part of me that is afraid the game will either feel boring, or i think my wins will be less genuine if I abuse mechanics. Anyone else ever think something similar to this? If so what did you do to either overcomes these feelings, or how would you do it differently?

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau/wall it’s always a good idea to put the game down for a bit, expand your horizons by playing/doing something else and then picking it back up. How long you need to put it down varies from person to person.

Think of studying: You need to take breaks to refresh your mind or you won’t properly digest the material you need to go through anymore. Learning a game, or anything really, is exactly the same.

If you can win by abusing something, that’s more your opponent’s fault than yours, they should learn the matchup better. If it’s a regular sparring partner you can notify them they should be punishing or at least be watching out for whatever you’re beating them with. If that’s out of the question just find players way above your skill level to play with. You WILL be forced to play fair and they’ll beat any bad habits or tendencies out of you, literally.

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