Want to download Youtube Video? Here You Go

Sorry Deathscythe for posting this in two threads, but I was just about to create this thread as that guy asked.

So you want to save Youtube videos to your PC with ease and in a viewable format? Well here you go…


This is a great site, I’ve been using it for a week or so now. It allows you to save FLV videos from listed sites in fully viewable formats. AVI for your PC, MOV for mac users, MPEG-4 for your PSP & Ipod and it even saves as an MP3 file if you want the music.

Sometimes it takes a while to get going as the server is constantly busy, so if you get an error, just hit back and try again till it works.


Thanks alot. Now I shall spend my night downloading:nunchuck:. And here I was planning on studying for a test.

You can also use www.keepvid.com

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nice :tup:

:wonder: You can also use the FireFox add-on “DownloadHelper”. I have it linked in this thread:


You can then use a program like Total Video Converter to change the flv. file to an avi. file or whatever type of file you prefer… dood.

i have videodownloader but vixy has and always will be the most convenient.


thank you, rep for these people

FreeDownloadManager.org is also a good program to DL and convert .FLV files (into .AVI even!). It’s biggest gripe tho is that it might slow down your other DLs at times.

BTW for those that want to DL from DailyMotion.com, erase the UserName of the one who uploaded said vid from the URL and then u should be able to DL.