Want to commission stick art, willing to pay

Let’s try this one last time.

I’m looking to have some custom stick art made. I have the template and some images I’d like for the designer to think about incorporating.

For more details or the template if you’re willing to take this on, please post, PM or IM me.

I’m willing to pay, whether it’s via Paypal or Gift Card (Have a Best Buy one I doubt I’ll ever use and would be willing to send to anyone who takes this on.) Also have a thread on the Trading Post forum if perhaps something in there is interesting, I’m willing to negotiate.

If you can give me some more details, and if you have the images you’d like to use ready to go, I’ll do it for you.

EDIT: No need to pay. :stuck_out_tongue:

i prob wouldnt mind doing this if its still available

Check your mail!