Want the advice about guile strategy

sorry, everybody
I see video about guile in youtube
They played very well.
But when he vs sagat or ryu (fighter that can throw fireball)
guile can’t fight him by throwing sb too
so how I should approach them
-When i am far from them he always throw fireball, so i jump to him
but he use anti-air(shoryuken or tiger uppercut or high kick).
-he use defensive strategy (walk back and wait me to approach)

  • How I do with them? please give me some advice.
    thankyou very much

hmm few tip i can give at least

-use mid kick when jump in attack as it has wierd angle and hard to anti air.
-there is video for precharging sb in youtube which allows to involve in fireball war for long enough. use ex sb to catch off gaurd.
-when near to them just do a neutal up jump for fake.
-u can just jump or duck under fireballs and make them come to you esp with sagat.
-use poke from a reliable distance down+mk.

that is all i have in my head. any other inputs will be good.

don’t jump and don’t c.hk…

Don’t forget you can FADC the fireballs.

I like to boom walk forward a bit and let the boom the absorb fireball. Then FADC through the 2nd fireball. This can get you within poke range.

If you’re on PSN you can check out my replay vs a G1 Sagat (early g1). It’s not very exciting but I kept it specifically as a reference tool for other Guiles on how to textbook beat a Sagat.