Want an arcade stick, got some questions

Hello all.

I’ve been wanting to buy a Mad Catz TER2 joystick for my PC. It would out to use not only for any SF game that may come out but also on MAME.

A few questions then for the knowledgeable.

Does the TER2 found here have any known problems on the PC, especially a PC using Win7 64-bits, or is it pretty much a smooth installation?

Does this stick works well with MAME and all the other emulators out there or is some special configurations needed?

Though I wouldn’t mind paying for a better stick, a through read of the FAQs here shows me this may be the best stick for my price range but if anyone has a better suggestions I am all ears.


Good luck getting them to work on a PC…They’re hit and miss. Xbox version is more compatible, but even then not 100%…

Get a Hori v3sa. Same exact stick and button layouts, same parts. High quality. Works 100% default with any PC.

Newegg.com - HORI Real Arcade Pro V3 SA for PS3

Cheap by $30 right now on newegg. I’d get this over a TE if you’re looking for PC gaming too.

If you have a xbox, just get the VXSA, same thing, works on PC, just the xbox version of the stick.

Ah good to know, thanks for the info. I’m looking for PC gaming and PC emulator gaming, yes. So this stick will be pretty easy to configure for emul play then?

Works no problem with most games. Fighters like Street fighter 4 and blazblue all have stick options in game if you use one. Mame works flawless with it too. You should have 0 issues. If you run into certain games you want to use a stick and arent made for one, you could always use joy2key and map the keyboard/mouse buttons to your joystick’s.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Good info, now I’m struggling to find a place that sells it here in Europe. I’m sure I’ll find something sooner or later.

Chun Li TE-S is the best TE for PCs. It connects as a Universal Human Interface Device, so it works with all chipsets on all OS. But it is hard to find.

Barring that, any 360 Hori V series or Madcatz TE stick is your second best option, but it is restricted to mostly just Windows OS.

Is it this one? Should I get the PS3 or Xbox version?

Sorry, forgot to mention that was PS3 Chun Li TE-S.

You’ll have no problems whatsoever my friend. I frequently connect and disconnect my TE from my computer/xbox about 3-4 times a day, and have no problems whatsoever. I’m not even using a Round 2 but a Round 1 lol. 360 TE is your best option though.

Anyone have any experience with the Chun-li TE-S stick in the PC? Would like to hear a few more reports before I take the plunge and have it sent.

360 sticks will work on any PC, it uses xinput though iirc, though I’ve had no problems with MAME and both my sticks trigger buttons haven’t gone out yet, (it seems to be happening to the newer sticks, my TE is a 2009 as well as my SE.)
Most if not all of the PS3 sticks, besides the Chun TE-S will only work on VIA/Intel chipsets.
The Chun TE-S will work on any chipset.

Thanks for the info. I’m afraid I can’t find the HORI mentioned above here in Europe without having to import. So a MadCatz TE R2 Xbox360 would work on a PC? Since I keep hearing conflicting reports that they are often hit and miss, and even the 360 version of the stick is not 100% assured of working on a PC I am a bit wary of getting one other than the Chun-Li TE-S.

I dunno both of my sticks worked flawlessly. Just install the Xbox 360 Accessories driver.


Hmm, got an Asus P7P55D-E PRO motherboard which seems to use the Intel P55 Express Chipset, so I believe that’s a plus against the incompatibility of Madcatz sticks, I think.

Yeah, you should be fine with a PS3 or a 360 stick, I’d get the 360 just for compatibility.

Ok thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

PS3 Chun Li TE-S is the best option all around. The updated PCB in that addresses all of the problems with the older ones. And, I believe isn’t as prone to button failure as the X360 TEs.

Just one final question then, will I need any special drivers or software for the PS3 CL TE-S, or is it pretty much plug’n’play?

Thanks everyone for the help!