Want advice for getting better? START HERE (taught by ryu and cast)

**- A defeat learned from is more important than an empty victory.

  • Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are.
  • It’s better to conquer a hardship then to conquer nothing at all.
  • Keep your mind calm and pure. Focus on what is important!
  • Range… Speed… Priority… Know and master all your attacks!
  • Seek an opponent who is your equal. Only then can you improve.
  • The eyes of a warrior never stray from the spectacle of battle.
  • The world is big, there is no limit the human strength…
  • Trying something new, is to explore your true potential.**
  • If you are angry, how can you hope to strike effectively?
    **- It hurts twice as much when you know that it was your fault!
  • You’d feel better if you would just cheer up!**
  • That’s the spirit! Fight fiercely every moment of the battle!
  • Whether you’re reckless or brave, use the style that suits you best!
    **- A champion does not achieve victory when fueled by anger.
  • Self-respect breeds discipline**
    - Put some thought into your actions and you’ll eliminate your regrets.
  • A lack of spirit will always lead to defeat!
  • Be a master of your mind before attempting to master your body!
    - Defeat will help you to solve your ego problem.
    - Study your opponents and exploit their weakness. That is the key…
  • An angry fighter is an ineffective one…
    - Don’t assume similar tactics you have used on others will work on me.
  • My master was right… I have to improve myself with every battle!
    -Oh yeah! I’ll start using that move more often now!
  • With every match, my timing becomes more precise!
  • Wow! That actually worked! Next time I’ll do it with skill!

Straight from the damn game…


what if i just did it for daddy?

Ryu’s win quotes would make some excellent fortune cookie material.

  • A champion does not achieve victory when fueled by anger.
  • Self-respect breeds discipline

Those should have been bolded IMO

Wax on! Wax off!

I think I’m going to start recording my kaillera matches and watch myself, maybe post some on youtube to get some pointers. Do any of you guys do this? Does it help? I have a feeling I’ll end up going “wtf was I thinking” every few seconds

if it is a GOOD connection u can do it… if it is shit then don’t bother.


I’ll leave it to RPD rookie for obligatory “…!?” post.

“It hurts twice as much when you know that it was your fault!” - that one kills me :(.

yea man, that is the story of my life in 3s atm lol

“Use your head, or I will! I need a new bowling ball…” Alex

I really like the first half of that!

I do recall a Ryu quote in 2I that was nothing like Ryu… It went something like “This fight…I think I have learned something…You’re nothing.”

A 2I Sean quote was pretty much about how you shouldn’t get discouraged : “Shoryureppa! I’ll get it right next time!”

Shodokan’s pretty much listed all the ones that are worth it in terms of advice,though.


“Your journey’s only starting,kid. It’s time you learned that.” Ken to Sean in 2I.
Basically, never overestimate your own skill. Someone out there can always surprise you.

“I will show you the walls that will always block your progress!” Yun to Yang in 3S
If you know somebody’s bad at something, just tell 'em straight up. It may insult them a little, but it’ll give them icentive. I know this first-hand. I was playing 3S and losing yet again. This guy just tells me"Stop doing all those random risky moves. It’s really stupid. You force your opponent to play a low-level game to beat you." Cue me eliminating risky crap and learngin mix-ups, and ending up trading wins with the same guy! :smiley: