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Last updated 3/28/2017

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Don’t make threads requesting to buy a *custom *stick because stick builders have there own threads, they don’t go around looking for people wanting custom ones. Either look for the WTS and search or just go to the professionals that have there own threads already.


Chandler AZ USA
**Types of sticks: **All Joysticks, Keysticks, Japanese, American, Korean completed sticks and custom blanks
Average price: Blanks 85-200.00 usd / Completed Sticks 250-395.00usd
Home Page soujistiks.com

New York City/NY USA
Types of sticks: PCB Custom Dual/Triple/ETC Wiring/ Arcade controller assembly and Modifications/ Art Layout Design/LED Wiring
Average price: $60-150 based on preferences for electronic wiring, assembly and design.
Ben Fong | Facebook
Email:[email protected]

Types of Sticks- custom complete joysticks, Empty DIY cases, Dual-Mods, CNC machining, Refurbs and one-of-a-kinds.
**Average Price: **60usd for a basic DIY case to 200+usd for a dual mod custom controller.
WTS: Suite53-Insight Arcade Sticks and Enclosures

the cleaner
Federal Way, Washington
Types of sticks: All Joysticks, Japanese, American, Korean completed sticks and custom blanks, Duel mod, and plexi panels
Average price: Case 100-125usd / Completed Sticks 210.00/310.00 usd
Mkpcustoms!( Blank Cases, Complete Customs, Painting services, and Duel Mods)

Types of sticks: japanese, korean, american, hitbox. Will do just case or full blown customs.
Average price: $75-200 depending on wood, Full wired customs…:175-500
Posts up in the trading outlet.

Raoul Duke
St. Louis
Types of Sticks: Japanese or hitbox, blanks or full wired Hardwood, Will also do local dual modding on 360 TE’s
Average Price: $75-$300

Orange County, CA
Types of Sticks: BAMF Wiring in stick boxes, TEs /HRAP, joystick repairs, stick maintenance.
Average Price: $60 plus parts
James&James So Cal Modding

Types of Sticks- Build budget DIY arcade cases
**average price **- $30 - $40
QCFGaming.com - Budget Stick Cases - Plexiglass cases are here!

Types of Sticks: jp, happs, korean, keyboard layout buttons.
Average Price: Case- 90 - 180
fully wired stick - 250 - 400
Wts: Foe hammer custom cases and joysticks!

Types of Sticks: modular custom case with interchangeable and upgradeable parts AKA the VAS-HG.
Available in 2 sizes the slim 2 1/8" (fits most Japanese sticks, Sanwa and Seimitsu etc) and the Universal 3" (fits pretty much all American, Korean and Japanese joysticks)
**Average Price: **$150
WTS: Voltech Arcade Sticks FTW!

Cleveland OH
Types of Sticks - customs, mods
average price - customs run $400-$500

Pittsburgh, PA
**Types of sticks:**PS3 Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ, IL cases
Average Price: NA

New York
**Types of Sticks: **Modular Custom Cases: fully customized or sold as blank cases, ps3/360/pc plug and play ready, by default fits JLF and LS-32 joysticks for easy upgrades.
Artwork: all fully original artwork, pre-made artwork prints, and custom artwork.
Average Price: $20 - $368

New York
Types of Sticks: Blank SimpleCase custom arcade stick enclosures.
**Average Price: **$75 for basic cases.
**Sale Thread: **FS: SimpleCase Custom Arcade Stick Enclosures - Free USA Shipping
**Website: **www.simplecase.org
**Email: **[email protected]



Location - Mountain View, CA (N. Cal)

Types of Sticks - Franken Fightpads

average price - $150-$200

Rtdzign's Franken Fightpads. D-pad + Arcade Buttons. ( Sorry. I don't make these anymore)

If you are on this list, please update in here or PM me if you are taking a break or closing to keep this thread updated.

All of these guys should be open. I appreciate it if this thread posts up satisfied and dissatisfied customers to maybe start a ranking or star system in the future for custom stick builders.

Hi MegamanDS.

I am currently making a batch of travel size mini sticks. Hopefully they will be ready for sale by the end of March.

Please copy and paste below links to my 2 threads.

FrankenFightpads the original D-pad real Arcade button Hybrid

Mini Sticks

Thanks for everything.

EDIT: post removed due to my low post count, sorry I didn’t read the rules x_x

who closed this thread? Thread re-opened

I thought you closed it :3

Requesting to be added:

New York
Types of Sticks: Blank SimpleCase custom arcade stick enclosures.
**Average Price: ** $75 for basic cases.
**Sale Thread: **http://shoryuken.com/f226/fs-simplecase-custom-arcade-stick-enclosures-free-usa-shipping-272088/
**Website: **www.simplecase.org
**Email: **[email protected]

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why is every link to these custom builder’s threads still broken? every time i click a custom builder’s thread link, i get a “page cannot be found” response from the srk website.
why still not fixed?
NiteWalker sent me a link to his thread through pms…and it worked …but these don’t. what’s up with that?

Or you could help by searching for the links yourself and posting them.

the links were up prior to the upgrade, something obviously must of changed the formats.

that’s not a bad idea actually :slight_smile:

Upgrade changed the format of the URLs.

You can try doing what I did for the list of tutorials at Tech Talk, got some good upstanding community members to help out to rebuild it.

ok, i’ll try to put up links to these custom builder’s threads.

Ya the upgrade changed all the links. I’m a bit busy now, but I will try to update them all by this weekend. (Finals at school)

oh ok, your gonna do it then. cool.
here is NiteWalker’s showcase thread anyway.

this one works…but for some strange reason it says “error you must be logged on to do this” when i already am. it opens in a new tab, then after i log in…then it takes me to nitewalker’s thread.

from what i see the numbers at the end of the link address is different along with what’s just after shoryuken.com/

souji5 showcase thread:

Raoul Duke doesn’t seem to have a showcase thread…or at least i couldn’t find one…but here’s a showcase link for his work:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

here is networkingyuppy’s showcase thread

apparently, the cleaner updated the title of his OP…so since the old link is broken…i really can’t verify if the old link is this thread…but it seems like its his showcase thread. anyway, here it is.

VOLTECH’s showcase thread:

RoninWarrior’s showcase thread:

i still need to find
True Tech
showcase threads.
after that i think thats it. well except for the guy who’s on inactive status.

can anybody point me in the right direction to where I can get a happ perfect 360 joystick installed in my xbox 360 arcade stick? I live in Bakersfield, CA

Just an FYI I forgot to mention last time. Jamespoop is currently still in Korea, so I don’t think he’s free to do any customs at this point.

Request to be added:

Types of sticks: japanese, american, Lazer printed Graphics
Average price: ~$200

Homepage: http://mekishiko916.etsy.com

Most of the links aren’t working. Probably the links were done before the site software change.

Any one know of a way to get ahold of Satek? I live in San Antonio, TX so meeting a Texan builder would be dope.
Would love to have a sweet Chun stick made and without having to spend $500. Any other builders in Texas I should know about?

(inner) peace y’all