Wana learn how to walk?

Ok been thinking to make this thread for a while.i noticed alot of ppl wanted to learn how to walk but never get the help for it.me and a few others from the streets are willing to teach anyone how to walk. i think is such a under rated activity.its very healthy and pretty much everyone can walk besides cripples.but even they have tools to move around.imo the streets are pretty save aside from some punks.but they still can be reasoned with. reason im doing this is bc i want more ppl to join the streets. usully the streets are full between 8am-8pm est.but the more the better right lol to get u guys started ima link you the Traffic rules. those are set by the government.

also a guy named all gore is making a video with the help of me and some social workers, include running and jumping for guys that wana even go farther.should be done in a week or so.im also willing to take any questions or even walk beside u and help u out during the course. tell u what ur missing what leg to use etc…im posting this on the FGD section because it will draw more attention and people since everyone is here instead of the general discussion section.for ppl that dont no where to walk outside try the sidewalks with real good tiling. cant tell u where to get shoes but its real easy to find in shops. for any questions u guys got just let me no.im always on the streets most of the time.when the video is done ill post it in this thread for u guys to watch and wana learn^^.

edit: and also when u join the streets ur gona find a shitload of good walkers.its pretty hard to find a bad walker right now on the streets lool


WHATEVER this game is for babies just like every other game released since 1994

Wow. A mock thread of a legit thread that was created a while back?

What’s next? You gonna do a flowchart for SFIV in 2011?

I’m having trouble finding any vids of walkers, but here’s a good reference picture of some walkers who really know what they’re doing.


Their stride is excellent. I will definitely incorporate such tactics in my own walking techniques. How do the Japanese do it? I hear they are on some next level shit.

Examples of bad walking.

Hey guys, I just got a new walking stick because I heard it’s better, but I find it hard to even do :r::k::r::k: with it.
I can do it in my pad, no problem, but out on the streets with my stick, I’m basically helpless. Anybody got some advice? I spent a lot of money on it, but I’m starting to think it was a mistake.

Also, I got the stick with the balltop, but I see some guys walking around with a bat. Is there a big difference? Did I get the wrong one?

Maybe it’s the way you’re holding the stick, Bob.
I hold mine like Daigo, he’s gdlk. Ever since I changed my style and can pull off walks everywhere! Make sure you get those Japanese ones, Daigo said the Bat tops are ass! He’s gdlk.

Haha I don’t get it because I’m new LOL!

WTF thread.

On topic:

Yes, and how about running? Isnt it harder then walking? God a tutorial vid should be good.

now onto more random stuff:


LOL at this thread. On a serious note, as far as health & fittness goes, most really have no concept of what exactly is needed to be in good shape in terms of exercise. They don’t realize its as easy as f*cking WALKING.

Moderate/fast walking is a natural activity, low impact on the joints, so it can be done everyday without burning you out/risk of injury, and when done enough delivers badass results. When done enough consistently, one can walk off any amount of weight(+Good diet).

Stuff like running & sprinting just for the sake of fitness & weightloss, are only done by foolish noobs who don’t realize they’re needlessly overdoing things. That stuff is nice once in a while, but purely optional.

The balltop is easier to pimp with but you can do “old man walk” longer with a battop.

Or you could say “Fuck sticks where’s me zimmer frame?” since those are top tier walking devices.


This shit is hot, although I wish I could play this online too.

btw, when is the Swag DLC coming out?

oh p.s. I’ve seen some people cheat, in the airports, should that be patched?

Fuck no, if it’s in the game, it’s legit.

I got some shit I’m saving for nationals man, wait till you see me walk backwards.


Learning to walk is not easy. In fact, it can be downright hard. When you’re starting from scratch, it can be pretty tough to get your foot in the door. It’s certainly no stroll in the park, and it’s really difficult to just march right into territory where you’ve never tread before. The truth is that nobody hits the ground running.

What I recommend to all beginners is that you should pace yourself and try to take everything one step at a time; it will help you take all the challenges you face in stride. Once you feel like you’re firmly planted and well-balanced, you’ll find yourself improving in leaps and bounds.

Wait don’t you have to crawl first? I think this game needs balancing. Powerchairs are OP’d.

Tripping is so irritating, fucking casuals.

Roll cancelling is over powered as well, helps you out of bed much faster…

By focusing on each step individually, you are enabled to more effortlessly surmount any given obstacle because that obstacle will be your sole problem at that time. It makes it easier for you to bridge the arches between skills you already have.

This is what gives you a firm pediment of fundamentals, and allows you to always move forward with your confidence in toe. You can saunter right into any sort of walking situation and know that you will always be on the ball.