Wallpaper Reqeust (collage)

is it possible that someone could make me a wallpaper in the style of this
guysbackground? basically its a collage of random images Ill provide the images
-Thanks in advance
also I want a bunch of chun-li sprites spread out randomly:

I don’t think what I’d create would look dope, but…

gonna need a resolution buddy.

okay hmmm I guess 800 X 600 would be good.


LoL. I’ll try to help you out with something after class TeKniK. If you have a couple more images for filler, that’d work. :confused:

Many Edit: The sprite link doesn’t work…and clear out at least one PM from your box yo.

hmmm It works for me I wanted some of those chun-li sprites randomly everywhere :lol: Ill clear my inbox

also you can add some random stuff to it. im not picky maybe some women or something…

Yeah I added a bunch of chicks and random shit. LoL. I’ll send you a PM in a bit. I’m about to head out to class, but if you want it changed, just holla.

It might take a moment because I didn’t save the .PSD file, but it’s all good.