Wallcade tourny April 10th HDR, sf4team,SF4(100$ added)T6 Last SFIVtourny

252 East Main st
Fall River, MA 02724
Pics: http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/s...lace_function/

Tournament Schedule & Games:

  • $5 Venue Fee
  • april 10th
  • bar hours are 8am-1am
  • 1pm sign ups will begin for the 3pm games
  • 2:45pm sign ups will end
  • 3pm we will begin with the following games:

3 pm start:

  • Tekken 6
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix
  • Street Fighter 4 Teams 2v2 waseda

7 pm start:
singles sign up then
-Street Fighter 4 ($100 added to the pot)


once again it will be held at my family bar on the function side . There is a wall in bewtween the bar so noone will bother us(im the manager). yes you can drink if you show some ID or soda water redbull and u can order food if u like (anything from steaks to burgers to seafood). There are bathrooms in the function space so I think that pretty much covers it.

Entry fee & prize structure:

$10 dollars for everything, teams is $20 a team

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your past tournament places.
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8

  • Teams is waseda style so one guy dont do all the work for a team.
  • Winners, losers finals are 3/5 finals are 3/5

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.

-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. GOUKI is banned in ST.

Money will be split depending how many ppl show 70/20/10. Im not going to split of there is only 8 ppl winner will take all.

any questions? POST

This is the last SFIV tourny because super will be here soon who will be the king of NE? (//_o)

Its a recession people come and help out business has been depressing.:sad::shake:

And ofcourse be here or be square bitches.

definitely will be there. Under tournament schedule and games it says november 28th, I don’t think anyones gonna screw that up though.

Too bad this is so far away, would’ve liked to of gone.

Can’t wait for that steak plate!

I’ll probably enter HD Remix too - been playing that lately.

Far away in distance or time?

Definitely not missing this :tup:

sorry for the mistake should have proof read it before i posted

2 on 2 baby! whos teaming up with me

Hopefully I can make it. These tourney’s are pretty hype!

this’ll be good

I ll team with you as long as you come up with a clever name

Good shit, Paul. I’ll be there, of course.

Why not add that Guilty Gear to the line-up? If you do, I can post this on Dustloop and get the hype going. More GG, higher turnout, more support for the bar – sound pretty win to you?

I’ll help run a side tourney of GG or MB if someone else brings a PS2 so we have a couple setups.

Team swole and out of control.

You just made me throw up a little in my mouth.

u should team up with hades for team rush hour.

will be there :)…

We can be team lethal weapon

Hold on, if bar hours are 8AM to 1AM does that mean I can get there at 8AM and start drinking?

Xbox or playstation?

playstation tres