Wallcade saturday gatherings. were BACK ON 8/14

OK OK OK NEC is done and we have alot of local comp who are getting better by the week. Not only that we got some vets who know how to win and we can all help each other. On that same note we got new fighters (T6 and ssf4 coming) to keep the scene alive.

252 east main st
Fall River, MA 02724

starts at 4PM
$5 dollar venue fee

So Im opening the function side of the bar weekly to get us all together and play and grow and ofcourse so we can all hang cause we GREAT FRIENDS(and great enemies:wink:). Not only will we have 3 or 4 setups with t6 sf4 and whatever other fighters to practice. Im gonna have food out maybe a new special every saturday ill announce it a few days b4. Also some weekends will be cancelled due to other events going on for partys or holidays. To me if you want to compete you have to practice and play different people and styles of play and share knowledge its the only way to win and this is a good way.:rock:

I have a smoking room downstairs:tup: so that solves the smoking problems.

SO LETS DO THIS IM PUTTING MY HAND OUT PEOPLE get this community together ans get some real shit going.:rock::rock::rock:

Paul, you are godlike.

I don’t really play anymore and I’m a scrub anyway, but this is awesome. I’ll try to make it out there whenever I can for sure.

Holy christ, this is awesome. I’m definitely going to start coming to these. I want to get my scrubby Gooley in much better shape. I’ll almost definitely be coming this Saturday.

EDIT: I think Saturdays might be better, mostly because of the Friday fight nights at PnT in Walpole.

Thanks for doing this man, what time do u want people to come?

very good paulbert. yea we do need to sit down at T6 sometime for me to pass some of the miguel sekretz on. i got much too impaired on saturday night to do anything but tw for the rest of the weekend.

i can see myself attending at least biweekly, from early afternoon till whenever. hope the RI guys can make it regularly; i want some runbacks with julia juice and i still havent played brandon’s bob yet either.

Good shit, I’m into this seeing as I don’t see many tournaments happening in the future.

I would love to go Paul and I thank you for saying that everybody should smoke downstairs. Keep this on Saturday’s because PlaynTrade Walpole has their fight nights on Friday’s. I will try my best to make it every Sat.

:encore:good if you come well play hdr

id say 6 to 1 am seems like the time frame

Ill get james and B to come hopefully saturday is a good day for them but they are only 35 40 mins away from fall river.

ASIANTHOMAS you better make it down so you can learn how to fight rufus, and beat up wilsons ken acctually bring cp and lucky d with you so you can run train on wilson no homo

I’ll see yous guys saturday, im sick of losing to paul and will. i will pick up ryu if i have to

Im sorry but I gotta ask wtf is up my man you need to address people before you blow their brain out of thier skull if you know what im sayin.:wtf:

Hmm, if I don’t have to work Sunday morning I think I may try to make this. I’d love to go no doubt but you guys are a good 2 hours away. So well see how things go. Good to see more places doing casuals though. Good shit Wall!

And Wave, goddamnit do you have to start shit with EVERYONE in MA who is running fight nights for christ’s sakes?

yes come to learn rufus as for the other thing i say wont happen but i welcome you guys to try for hrs

im going but only for the food and to call wilson a ***.

yo wall tell your moma i said “u can call on tyroooooooone…”

I’m not starting shit with anyone, chill out. we’re not getting into the PnT thing again, just drop it. Wall I’ll send you a PM but i made a post up in the GU thread cause pretty much everyone reads that anyways

oh thats some good shit paul we got BattleGrounds,Wapole and the wallcade
ima try to show bi-weekly i just have to get some of the springfield guy’s to start moving

Leave TF at home. You won’t get a chance to make bus money.

lol yo don’t hate next TF has to be the japanese remix, now with boobs and balance

Thx for the feedback guys bring a system if you want to run something I have the tvs and two ps2s and two ps3s and a modded xbox with kawaks.

I seriously wanna get in on this but, does any1 got room in their car to scoop me up and back i live in the malden area? i wanna get as many games in as i can

bus fare aint cheap =/

yea ill be there sat
think will convinced me to play a lil 3s