Walking partitions?

I saw this mentioned in the corner unblockable thread, and I was wondering how exactly walking partitions are done? Or even if they’re practical to even do in a real match?

There was a vid I saw on youtube a while ago where someone mentioned how Messatsu did a walking EX headbutt, and I’m tryin to remember, but I think I’ve accidentally done that before sometime in training mode a while back.


Hey, thx.

Shoulda known there was a thread about that. Heh. Thx for the link!


In practice mode, I’ve been able to get the walking partitions about 5 times I think. Out of maybe 30 tries. Haha.

Is there a certain way you guys count in your head the amount of your charge before doing a partition? For this one and for all partitions in general.

Also, how far can you walk without losing the charge, and does the movement of the stick have to be fast when you partition after walking? Would it also be ok for me to move the joystick while walking, then d/f, u + p?