Walk forward c.mk xx hadouken

is there a way to approach this without the hadouken turning into a DP due to the walking forward motion?

Make it go neutral after the cr.MK.

I get that all the time. I just hold down back when I cr.mk

You have to wait for the forward input to expire in the input buffer before pressing the final P for the fireball. You can do this by killing time by going to down-back for cr.mk, by simply letting go of forward for a moment before doing cr.mk, or by timing the cancel later in the active frames of cr.mk (this is pretty tough and also not very safe).

The first option is the safest since you at least get to block while waiting for the forward input to get dropped from your fireball input.

I do half circle for the fireball when walking forward.

Before you do cr.mk xx fireball, release the stick into neutral position. That way you avoid the input shortcuts and leniency accidentally misinterpreting it as a walk-up DP.

I agree with Dundle. It might be easier for arcade stick player to return to neutral but I like to do a half circle forward hado. (I’m a pad player)

I’m not sure if it needs to be half circle, maybe down back circle to forward.

I have to do this when I dash forward and hadoken with Gouken otherwise I get a LP.Palm

But it also takes slightly more time to go to back, and then half circle forward.

thx for the replies, i’ll try going to neutral and hcf hadoukens

Well in my example anyway, of dashing > Hadoken.

I have plenty of time to buffer to go back and half circle forward. It’s arkward at first but becomes fluid and natural later on.

True, but you won’t always be dashing before throwing a fireball.

not enough to matter in real life, if a Geif player can do a 270 degree motion to spd you a 180 degree motion is nothing

HA! While that statement is true, if I don’t dash forward then I don’t need to do a half circle, haha I’ll just do a normal hadoken instead.

It’s the dash that makes it turn into a srk because of the forward forward (down to forward -Hado).
I’ve never had a problem with walking forward and fireballing, don’t know why, has never arisen as a problem, maybe because I hardly ever simply walk forward.

And as Jasin said, it’s real easy, if Giefs can do 270 spin in that time you can do a half arsed half circle.

I’ve had the problem. since you hold forward to walk forward, if you quickly do a fireball, you’ll end up getting a down, down-forwards, forward motion. Due to the lovely input leniency in SF4, it will interpret that move as a dragon punch, if done too quickly. It happens to a lot of players, but if you leave the stick briefly at neutral between the walk forward and the cr.mk, it won’t be a problem.

Gief can do a 270 spin because there’s no other overlapping motion to do a walk-up 360 grab. The issue is command overlap, not the time at which you need to perform the move. Although I guess you can do the half circle method, but I prefer cleaner motions, especially if you play certain games/characters in which a half circle forward will input a different special move.

The point was that doing a half circle in real life dose not slow you down at all.

Don’t need any different motions. Just need to slow down. I suggest learning how long the input buffer actually is.

i just got a arcade stick and im trying to do cr.mp, cr.mp into hadouken and every time a srk comes out any advice

Hold down on the stick
Do cr.mp, link it into another cr.mp (while holding down)
Then finish the rest of the fireball motion by going down-toward, toward, punch

This way, you won’t overlap with any diagonal motions which will cause the SRK to come out.