Wakeup, Shoryuken - E028 - Feat. Jan

SBO Qualifiers are finishing up around the country, so this week we brought on one of the BlazBlue qualifying players. Jan from Texas joins us to talk about his experience as a player and his how his qualifier went, and drops TONS of great advice for anyone working hard trying to take their game to the next level. A definite must-listen. Enjoy the show!

I liked the conversation about air teching. The biggest problem with the Blazblue is that you CAN mash out air techs because you are invincible. Jan was talking about a mindgame where you can tech and risk a reset or cut your losses and take a little extra damage. That mindgame doesn’t exist because the penalty for mashing doesnt actually exist. It’s very frustrating to start a combo and literally hear your opponent mashing airtech/throw tech, and knowing they are playing the game correctly.

Just woke up and had an explosion of thoughts on this great podcast. I’m dreaming about you guys, man!:confused:

I was wondering if you guys could do an episode or maybe a segment where you talk about upping your game outside your game. You touched on it in this ep., but I don’t necessarily mean research. I’ve heard many times how Poker players tend to be better at Street Fighter, and that has really intrigued me. I’ve also noticed how players that are more musically inclined can see the game differently than others. I think you even mentioned something about using a metronome to practice links.

The other topic I think would be interesting would be a footsies based episode. This would be a more general fighting game topic, but I think it would be a huge benefit to anyone who listens. To add to this I think maj would be a great guest if you could get him in on it, having done the Footsies Handbook through Sonic Hurricane.

I thought of a name for the comments segment as well.

Hit/Counter Hit - kinda cheesy, though

Well, I just hope you guys keep the show as awesome as it is! Just dropping my 2 cents. - Thanks!


This last podcats was the 2nd I have listen too. I must say it?s super bad ass to listen to it while im working.
Its great that you keep the listener up to date with the news segment @ the beginning. your interviews are fun too. Keep up the good work?.