Wakeup, Shoryuken - E005 - Featuring Sp00ky and Bellreisa

Tune in to this week’s show to hear all about Melty Blood’s victory in the Evolution Player’s Choice poll!

Excellent podcast. Great job guys.

Great listen guys.

“Doujin” isn’t short for “doujinshi”. The “shi” part in that refers specifically to a printed document (most notably comics).

That said, good podcast. Some stuff I honestly didn’t know in there about Melty history.

Guard bar is in BlazBlue FYI…

Otherwise, really really good stuff.

I was wondering why bell was calling MB a doujinshi. lulz.

I was not aware that Japanese players were willing to go abroad for this game. That’s really something.

That really does say a lot. I think this game gets cut short a lot just because of the labels SRK has put on it.

I watched sp00ky’s stream of this last week and was impressed. It looks like a fun game. If it wasn’t an import title, I’d pick it up.

But it definitely looks like Japan will be there and bring some hype for this title, and I want to see this game blow up. Even better if the hype causes the next iteration to see a domestic release.