Wake up kara demon

Is this a potentially good setup. It wouldn’t activate right when you wake up, but you could hide the jabs while you’re getting up, then continue with the f+mp, lk, fp. Could be useful for people who like to stay just out of srk range.

It’s good if they don’t expect it. It all depends on their conditioning.

i dono. theres something about wakeup KARA that just doesnt seem rite…hmm…i dono…
i personally would just stick to regular wakeup demon.

I used it once very long ago and it worked. Problem nowadays is people tend to stand slightly outside even kara range…

Try wakeup kara with cr.RH - the extra range might have interesting results…

Wakeup demon is best not Kara. Also, it’s character dependant. Look for Chun low-forwards, Yun fuck-ups, and Urien Aegis err. Keep an eye out and wakup is a great thing. Once again, don’t whore it. An opponent anticipating and jumping is the most humiliating thing ever.

hmm once more, one of those things that it would help alot to be able to see it hehe

I’d personally would never do it unless it was casual play. Kara or regular wake up is dependant on the situation, but again for the most part I just stay away from it. Demon on wake up almost as dangerous as Gigas on wakeup.


ah nice, is it unavoidable or is there still a chance to jump or punch your way out of it if you’re the oponent?