VSHG for sale! 120+ shipping



sorry no pics yet, it is basically brand new. i will try and get pics soon.

$120 shipped and you have a deal.

120 shipped and maybe some sort of trade. then its a DEAL

Maybe tickets to a Broadway show? Like Cats or some fruity thing like that.

No thanks.

Damn, I would put that thing on Ebay if people aren’t willing to pay 120. Hell, I sell modded Namco’s, and other people sell modded Hori fighting sticks for 120. VSHG is well worth 120 + shipping.

VSHG isn’t discontinued…yet.

EDIT: But yes, people jump on this.

Bought the stick and sent payment for this Sunday; haven’t heard a peep out of will976 since then. Hopefully I don’t have to file a complaint with Paypal.

I am positive he will get back to you shortly. He is not one to run out on anyone. He has paid me money for a wiring job since last week, I have three of his controllers.

He is in no need to stiff anyone, he has a very good job. I will IM him and encourage him to get back to you.

Thanks for the heads up. I understand that people can get busy, was just a little worried that our communication ceased right after payment (I did PM him again yesterday as well).

poonage i had to make sure the payment cleared. the sticks going out tomorrow.

From my PM Box:

If you don’t want somebody to reply to a selling thread, a general rule of thumb would be to acknowledge receiving 100+ dollars much more promptly. Thank you.


This was an instant payment in Paypal direct from my bank account. There was zero clearance time on the payment.

Not hating, just don’t be shady please!! I hope the transaction goes smoothly from here on out.

Still no shipment confirmation from will976. In the time after I sent payment, I have already confirmed, paid for, and received an item from another thread. :sad:

Now been 5 days since payment and no sign of shipment. I have created a trouble ticket in Paypal and will be escalating it tomorrow night if I do not receive proof of shipment.

lol, have you even pmd him?
It would be polite to PM him, instead of creating drama.

poonage get the sand out of your vagina and pm someone. its a lot easier

If I had received responses to the PMs I sent him I wouldn’t have needed to make and update this thread in the first place.

I PM’d you several times and did not receive any confirmation of shipping. It has almost been a week now so I am looking forward to some good news and not having my money stolen, Thx.

Did he pay by CC in PayPal? because bank/non-CC transfers from PayPal take 7 business days to clear.