Vs. Shoto Wakeup

I was wondering what good options there are to use against each Shoto when they are getting up. The thing that gets me the most is that I’m more afraid to pressure due to the fact that the opponent has a wakeup DP option. Is there anything that I can abuse to stuff a DP or trade? What I have been doing is leaving some space between my opponent and myself. I also try backdashing before he gets up to try and bait a throw or a DP and then I either punish it with “c.MK xx SA3” or I go for a few pokes and throws if he just blocks upon wake up.

you could try st.hp
it trades with fierce shoryu
if you timed it correctly


this one here

sounds like you got half of it down, which is the spacing/backdash part.
a well timed s.mp (close) and c.lk should stop wake up, unless a ken decides to ex shoryu or something.