vs Gouken

Why is Sim listed as 4-6 vs Gouken? I feel like Gouken is actually one of Sim’s most favorable matchups at this point. Everything Gouken does can be countered reliably, and as long as you dont make any big mistakes, you wont eat any big combos. I don’t have to worry about Gouken wakeup mixups either like I do against so many other chars.

Hm…maybe it’s because of Gouken’s pretty decent air game?

Also even if he only manages to get in once he does pretty big damage :stuck_out_tongue:
And he has a decent dash, his Demon Flip has an aerial parry, so you’d need to do two hits in the air :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing, his counter move works on sim’s c.FP too, meaning he can do a good little bit of life from most of the screen away (and cause knockdown) off of a single well predicted c.FP.

EX Yoga blasts shut down the dive kicks, jumping fierce kicks dont get hit by Gouken’s counter, etc. If you are careful with Sim it just seems like there is no chance for Gouken. You have to make huge mistakes and eat 40% combos to lose. Granted I’ve only played online and on PC, but in my experience there has never really been a Gouken that dominates me (as there has with every other character at some point). It’s not like there is a shortage of Goukens around either.

Yeah I used to think this too, I think its 6-4 gouken, I think the harder trick is fighting good goukens. Its just tough cause he cant get normally, fp can get shut down, he can fireball punish and his sweep is super fast, and what only -4?

Gouken can actually fight in the fireball war with his counter. Probably facing gouken with no sim experience.

cr mp is anti gouken fb
torimishe used it vs bullcat

It’s probably even. Zoning is only in dhalsims favor when a bit closer than full screen. DF mixups do fairly well and we can OS palm against teleport.