vs C.Viper

i’ve just checked ((Zangief General Strategy/Character Matchup Thread)) but i found nothin vs. Viper so help me please. Tomorrow my final match gonna be against some tricky viper player.

I’m not that qualified on this, but since no one else has helped yet I’ll try my best

Know your punishes: I.E. If you block a flame kick standing, especially EX, you can mash out Ultra 1

Understand the she is mostly smoke and mirrors with all her feints, don’t be afraid to simply walk and block and push her to the corner

Good Vipers will constantly be pushing you away with ground pounds: Avoid this by focus dashing or, ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE SPACE, jumping

Don’t let her get away with just pushing you away, but also be careful not to get tripped up easily

When you do get close, just sticking out pokes and playing footsies is what I think the best idea is: She can’t beat you in footsies at all

Use St.MP as a general poke, St/Cr.MK to stuff her moves likes ground pound, and Headbutt to keep her in check from trying to run away and even stuff her flame kick easy

Her uppercut is actually throwable, but you must time it perfect

Best to either block and punish, or let her waste half her bar to cancel

Especially watch out on her wake up for EX ground pound: If you try meaty anything (Green hand, SPD, cross up splash/kness, heatbutt, etc.) you’ll go right through her and eat a nasty punishment

Most ok to good Vipers I’ve played always do this on wake up a lot, especially against Giefs they don’t respect or haven’t played before

So in summary, my opinion on the match:

  • Slowly push her into the corner, walking and blocked
  • Punish the best possible whenever she gives you the opportunity
  • Keep her in the corner with pokes like St.MP, St/Cr.MK, and Headbutt
  • Get a feel for them and see how much they like wake up EX ground pound before going crazy with mix ups

meaty jump attack os punch lariat can easily beat ex gound pound
and that os is very very easy to do
pratise for 5 minutes , and you are ready to go.

Yo man viper is mad safe from command grabs after an air burn kick. Check the frame data.

Good stuff otherwise

Why are these new threads though and not in the matchup thread?

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thank u very much JC_Denton, that was useful.

Viper’s free on wakeup. All she has is that lightning uppercut.

just Punch Lariat Flame kick on reaction you’ll do damage and don’t have to deal with flame kick BS Punch lariat always beats her flame kick

I guess some people don’t like looking through 150 pages of some topics when they can just ask a question on the boards and have it answered immediately, ya know? Seems like a good purpose for a forum, yeah?

No one said look though 150pages, the suggestion was to ASK the question, just in the match up thread. Sheesh…

I’d rather just hae individual threads for the diffeent characters… Cody match up? Check the Cody thread. Losing to Bison, check the Bison thread. Only issue with it is the game has too many characters now :rofl: friggin two pages of threads to check thru hehe.

What’s the Dan match-up? 6-4?

Oh yeah viper advice…lariat. sounds simple…it kind is. It beats or trades in your favor almost all the time.

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I would too but I’ve seen how crappy that can be cuz I’m on the Dhalsim boards too.

But the Dhalsim boards be niiiiiice for info.