Voting for Round 2 has started! I'm supporting D.Violet, Dat Force Crouch!

Hey guys, voting 2 has started today. It’s shorter and with a new voting system. You have only 3 DAYS to vote and you’ll rank the characters you like. After the initial 30 characters (no Juju due to the legal complications), the next round will be the Top-20 and then the Top-10.

I would like also to voice my support as a competitive player to D.Violet, cuz she has many awesome ideas and inspirations, and I looooove her Force Crouch mechanic. That thing would be specially awesome to see in action and to allow lots of crazy setups and mixup possibilities.

You can vote for everyone you like, but since it’s a ranking system, consider keeping D.Violet as high as possible on your list if you want to show some support to this mechanic. If the dominatrix/sensual themes are too much for you and you don’t feel ready for it, that’s okay, it’s your issues, but remember that the FGC has many icons that follows the same suit (Mai, Morrigan, Cammy, Juri, Poison, etc.). Mike was also wanting to make a gameplay prototype for Violet, but unfortunately I don’t think he’ll have enough time to do it (Thanks MS).

Here’s more Violet info:


As most of you may already know, Mrs. Victoria, the teacher at Filia’s school and our great master in the Tutorial modes, and the horned devil lady known as D.Violet are actually different sides of a same coin. Yup, they’re essentially the same person.

D.Violet is a super heroine-esque / vigilante persona of Mrs. Victoria. While by day she teaches the children and wanna be fighting gamers to become the greatest they can be, by night she hunts criminals, mob members and Skullgirl’s minions with her deadly living weapon the Pazuzu Whip.

There are still lots of mystery surrounding D.Violet and Mrs. Victoria and it sure would be great to see them revealed and fleshed out.


A former crime fighter pulled into the web of intrigue woven around the latest Skullgirl. Deciding it was too much for her stuffy civilian identity, she takes up her Living Weapon, the Pazuzu Whip, to don her alter ego once more.

Playstyle Speculation

*She may be less inhibited, but she still enjoys having control. Lick those boots!

Despite being a heroic character, her general attack style would have a pagan and demonic motif to it as well as a dominating aspect. Of course, she’d also be able to do some long distance attacks with her versatile snake whip. The weapon can grow multiple snake heads and change in rigidity as needed.

D. Violet may do special animations on herself in order to power up. If she reaches an intense enough level, she gains the ability to unleash wilder attacks. Similarly, she can curse the enemy with special attacks, putting them in a humiliation state and making them vulnerable to devastating special attacks. If the balance of power swings entirely in Violet’s direction, everything from their posture on up is in her complete control!*

Gameplay Inspiration

*Whip (King of Fighters series), Linda (Double Dragon), Poison (Final Fight, Street Fighter), Mizuki/Midori/Luna/Misa (Punisher arcade), I-No (Guilty Gear series), Spiderman (Marvel vs. Capcom series), Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat), Bayonetta, Masane (Witchblade anime), Mistress Spencer (Rumble Roses), Morrigan (Darkstalkers series), Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Phantom Lady (Quality Comics), Bettie Page, Humiliation meter (Rumble Roses), Zappa (Guilty Gear series), Holy Order Sol (Guilty Gear Series), Fatal K.O. (Hokuto no Ken), Vice (King of Fighters series)

== All character playstyle speculation and gameplay inspirations are subject to change,

and may be different in the final version ==*


  • One of her gameplay mechanics revolve around a Humiliation Meter and the possibilities that will open after having D.Violet in complete control of her opponent’s morale.

  • One of those possibilities is the Force Crouching.

  • D.Violet can issue commands to the opponents and force them to crouch (therefore being vulnerable to overhead attacks).

  • And she’ll have others and it can be played around in many ways: She could force landings, assist calls, stuns, walking forward and whatever comes up in Mok’s head.

  • D.Violet has awesome gameplay possibilities and tons of resources that could be very deadly.

  • Her moves would interact with other characters in the case, some of them will be for the special meter’s sake. They’ll probably require some new short animations and poses for the rest of the cast as well.

  • Her whip influences could work for her mobility options (Spider-Man) and mid to long range spatial control.

  • She was supposed to have a full demon form too, I’m not sure if that’s still in though, where she’s a gorgon Medusa.

  • Her Zappa, Order Sol and Fatal K.O. influences could mean a full cool looking (and super impractical) instant kill animation just for the fun.

  • Whip and Vice influences can also represent a strong mix between ranged and close rushdown.

  • The Pazuzu Whip can assume many forms and works as a Serpent, who knows, maybe Poisons will be in her repertoire.

  • Johnny Cage, Bayonetta, Poison etc influences? You know that will have all sorts of fun and hilarious results. xD

My avatar should be a dead give away.

The idea of actually using my dead teammates to hit people with sounds too entertaining to pass up. That and I enjoy prisoner type characters and a bonus for me is that I prefer playing massive characters in games.

Course how could I not vote for Stanley and Beowulf?

But really anything is better than the last votes we had in the finals.

Anyone confused about how to vote, fear not; here is the CORRECT order:

  1. Beowulf / ベオウルフ
  2. Isaac / アイザック
  3. Adam / アダム
  4. Hubrecht / ヒューブレクト
  5. Leduc / レデューク
  6. Brain Drain / ブレイン・ドレイン
  7. Scythana / サイサナ
  8. Beatrix / ビアトリクス
  9. Ottomo / オットモ
  10. Stanley / スタンレー
  11. Yu-Wan / ユーワン
  12. Roxie / ロキシー
  13. Panzerfaust / パンツァーファウスト
  14. Aeon / エイオン
  15. Feng / フェン
  16. Samson / サムソン
  17. Mrs. Victoria / ヴィクトリア先生
  18. Minette / ミネット
  19. Molly / モリー
  20. Hive / ハイヴ
  21. D. Violet / D・ヴァイオレット
  22. Andy / アンディー
  23. Venus / ヴィーナス
  24. B. Dahlia / ブラック・ダリア
  25. Taliesin / タリエシン
  26. Marie / マリー
  27. Ileum / イレウム
  28. Umbrella / アンブレラ
  29. Annie / アニー
  30. Regina / レジーナ


Fixed indeed, but come now; do you really think this thread is going to be anything but? :wink:

actually that is the correct order

Awesome! Round 2 of voting has started!

D.Violet is in the Top-20
Eliminated: Adam, Ottomo, Regina, Hive, Yu-Wan, Leduc, Hubretch, Mrs Victoria =(, Andy, Samson.

Time to continue to show that support! And if any of your favorites didn’t make it consider support Violet for that force crouching dirty mixups! IMAGINE THAT AS AN ASSIST CALL!! Keep D.Violet on your Top-8 characters!


Again, the correct order:

  1. Beowulf - legendary chair pro wrestler mixed with legend legend.
  2. Isaac - badass Doc Brown.
  3. Brain Drain - he’s a friggin’ 80s cartoon villain.
  4. Stanley - boxing science-shark who knows physics an’ shit.
  5. Scythana - I’d probably rank her third if I didn’t really want another dude in the game.
  6. Beatrix - probably fourth for the same reason. Knives!

The rest:

  1. Roxie
  2. Molly
  3. Taliesin
  4. Panzerfaust
  5. Minette
  6. D. Violet
  7. Annie
  8. Feng
  9. Umbrella
  10. Marie
  11. Aeon
  12. B. Dahlia
  13. Ileum
  14. Venus

I just wanna say you Leduc and Hive haters can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Anyways, support Beowulf for wrestling legends and chairs, Stanley for SCIENCE!, Molly for phone mechas, Annie for magical girl parodies, Black Dahlia for mafia hit women w/ swiss army gun arms and Marie for…well I think that one’s self-explanatory.

I would like it if as many people as possible write in:

Another game genre for skullgirls merchandise.

I would love to see SG universe expanded into either an open world action/adventure game, or a platforming beat em up with the ability to move in the back ground and foreground as well as hop up or down into other platforms.

Heck even a party rhythm game with more laid back jazz, down tempo, grunge and similar music would be awesome.

It was asked in the survey but I’m repeating it again:

Talk to Sirlin and get some Skullgirls Yomi decks going.

BattleCon > Yomi

You lies. Do not lies.


Rank high Deep Violet!

*This game needs more zoners and a mid range dominators. Give Talisen, Dhalia and Violet high spots on your list after your favorite 2 or 3 characters. *

I hope D. Violet takes this.

Since Mrs. Victoria is gone, I put D. Violet in my No. 1.

Results are in.

Top 10
B. Dahlia

Brain Drain
D. Violet

Thank god Dhalia made it to the top 10. I would love a character that can zone but has a better up close game than peacock has.

I’m that guy upping venus/aeon because they would be crazy jank zoners an I love creative chartcer options.

Still miss brain drain